ZBOM's Goes Global at the International Building Show in Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS, Feb. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On Tuesday, one million square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center was teaming with exhibitors, suppliers, building contractors, manufacturers and attendees on as the NAHB's 75th annual IBS and NKBA's Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, Design & Construction Week (R) brought together more than 80,000 building industry professionals and 2100 exhibitors from over 100 countries to discover the newest home building trends and innovations available in the global marketplace. ZBOM products will be on display at the IBS Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center from February 19 to the 21.

ZBOM's Goes Global at the International Building Show in Las Vegas
ZBOM's Goes Global at the International Building Show in Las Vegas

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), one of the largest trade organizations in the US, is a federation of over 800 state and local associations dedicated to the building trade that co-hosts the IBS each year.

There was a distinct buzz in the air as hordes of attendees strolled the halls 'ooing' and 'ahhing' over state-of-the-art kitchens, baths, bedrooms, building supplies, tools and much, much more.

One standout amongst the legion of home goods suppliers and distributors is China's ZBOM Home Collection Company.

The number two cabinet manufacturer and distributor of high quality cabinets for kitchens and baths in China, ZBOM is exhibiting at the Expo to showcase the launch of their newest product lines: X-LIFE, AURORA, CARPI and MAGELLAN lines -- what they describe as "quality merchandise at reasonable prices".

"Simple, but not simple", Chinese cabinets shine.

ZBOM's popular signature collection of high-quality cabinetry ranges from sleek, streamlined, modern designs covers different client segment from entry level to the high end.

With 16 years of experience in the specialized Kitchen Cabinets industry, much of ZBOM's growth can be attributed to a high-powered R&D team that investigates optimum kitchen layouts, storage space utilization, intelligent design, popular colors, style, materials and even lighting choices to make some of the best cabinets on the market, resulting in nearly a hundred patents for kitchen cabinet designs since the company's inception.

Their innovative design team also boasts considerable customization capabilities according to customer needs, providing extensive environmentally-compliant choices for cabinet doors and bases, such as Melamine, lacquer, PE panels, solid wood and wood veneers, acrylic, and many more, all ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and ease.

Americans, like many other cultures, feel the kitchen is the heart of the home. So they respond well to products that enhance the appeal of their kitchens.

Real estate prices for houses and condos are often closely pegged to how recently the kitchen has been renovated and how modern and up-to-date its appearance and appliances are.

"Getting the best kitchens available really pays off both emotionally for the family's comfort and fun, and financially as well," explained Michael Tiberi, an Expo attendee. "And these cabinets look like a good investment," he added.

"The kitchen is the best expression of who you are and how you live," agreed a ZBOM spokesperson. "That's why our experienced ZBOM designers help you explore your decor possibilities on site and ensure your favorite cabinets not only fit your budget, but also the way you live to take you one step closer to your dream home."

ZBOM's has developed 691 acres of specialized manufacturing production zones in China, with 400,000 square meters of intelligent, semi-automated, production lines that feature a full set of German HOMAG automatic intelligent CNC equipment. 

Those resources enable ZBOM to provide "soup-to-nuts" operations that go above and beyond to provide extensive customer service all the way from pre-purchase design consulting, through custom fabrication and installation, to the company's unique, post-installation maintenance and repair program, called "The Smile Program".

"Our driving force is to strive to deliver the best solutions to our customers. We do in-depth investigation into customer preferences and needs and collect extensive customer feedback, so that our problem-free products will be designed, crafted, tested, and used as if we will personally will be using them ourselves," reported a company spokesperson.

ZBOM earns soar in Australia

ZBOM participated in the Australian Design and Construction Exhibition for four consecutive years, with remarkable results. Zbom successfully delivered the Melbourne Collins 888 project, going from initial revenues of only hundreds of thousands in 2014 to 60 million in 2018.  

Since then, satisfied customers have generated increasing repeat business every year. In 2018, ZBOM expanded from kitchen customization specialization to large customization of interiors for its customer base.

Due to the improvement of the company's international roll out and to further explore overseas markets, Australia's ZBOM Investment Association plans to use A$1.674 million to invest in IJF Australia Pty Ltd. XBOM acquired 47% of IJF Australia, becoming its majority shareholder. IJF Australia has many years of experience working with large, listed real estate developers and general contractors in Australia and high customer satisfaction.

ZBOM said that through this investment, customers in the Australian market will be able to reap the benefit of higher quality materials and suppliers and enjoy ZBOMs strict standards in their design and manufacturing processes. The company anticipates expanding their sales channels in Australia in the future.

"The possibilities are unlimited," said a company spokesperson optimistically.

ZBOM Seeks to Expand its Win-Win Brand into the US

As a leading Chinese manufacturer, ZBOM feels it's important to demonstrate to the buying public the quality and high standard of China's custom merchandise.

ZBOM has established strategic partnerships with many world famous suppliers to ensure their ability to consistently deliver high quality products worldwide. 

Their global partners include: DuPont, BASF, Blum, Egger, Kessebohomer, Hettich, Renoit, LG, Silestone and others.

Doing best for their clients and meeting their unique needs is the cultural mission of ZBOM international business division. Their mission statement is: "Quality = Consciousness + Responsibility"

Toward that end, the company has set their sights on the lucrative US market, and are currently expanding sales and operations in the US, from the West Coast in San Diego and Los Angeles, to Utah, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, as well as the East Coast, with New York, Washington, DC, and Florida.

Whether it is a market-priced rental apartment, a high-end condo, or a hotel-style apartment, ZBOM is confident they can meet the style and cabinetry needs of any consumer.

With large-scale developments in progress all over China, as well as in New York and Europe, ZBOM is well on their way to attaining their goal to be the largest kitchen exporter and distributor in China.

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