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Mainland China Trade Categories

Trade Categories Industries List / Subjects List
Advertising/Marketing/Publishing Advertising, Books, Broadcast Technology, Magazines, Publishing/Information Service, Social Media, Television, Web Site,
Agriculture Agriculture,
Airline/Aviation Air Freight, Airlines/Aviation, Aerospace/Defense, Passenger Aviation,
Architecture/Construction/Household Construction/Building, Furniture & Furnishings, Household Products, Home Improvement,
Arts Art,
Automotive Auto,
Business Outsourcing Businesses, Accounting news, issues, Awards, Contracts, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Expansion, Economic news, trends, analysis, General News, Joint ventures, Licensing/marketing agreements, Small Business Services, Sales reports, Survey, Polls & Research, Trade policy
Chemicals Chemical,
IT/Internet Computer Hardware, Peripherals,
Computer Software,
Consumer Electronics,
Electronic Commerce,
Computer Gaming, Mobile Entertainment,
Internet Technology, Multimedia/Online/Internet, Web Site,
Education Education, Higher Education, Home Schooling,
Energy/Power/Mining Alternative Energies, Electrical Utilities, Gas, Mining, Mining/Metals, Oil/Energy, Precious Metals, Oil/gas discoveries
Entertainment Entertainment, Film & Motion Picture, Music,
Environment Alternative Energies, Environmental Products & Services, Environment, Green Technology, Water Utilities, Environmental Issues, Environmental Policy, Conservation/Recycling
Fashion Cosmetics & Personal Care, Fashion, Jewelry, Textiles,
Finance/Investment Banking/Financial Service, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Accounting news, issues, Bankruptcy, Conference call announcements, Dividends, Earnings, Earnings projections or forecasts, Financing agreements, Investment opinions, Joint ventures, Offerings, OTC/SmallCap IRW, Restructurings/recapitalizations, Bond/stock ratings, Socially Responsible Investing, Shareholders' rights plans, Stock Split, Acquisitions, mergers, takeovers, Venture Capital
Food/Dining Beer, Wine & Spirits, Beverages, Food/Beverages, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Organic Food, Restaurants,
Government News/Non-profit Foreign policy/International affairs, Government Organizations, Not for profit, Domestic policy, Public Safety
Healthcare/Medical/Pharmaceuticals Biometrics, Biotechnology, Dentistry, Health Care/Hospital, Health Insurance, Infectious Disease Control, Medical Equipment, Mental Health, Medical/Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceuticals, Supplementary Medicine, Clinical Trials/Medical Discoveries
Human Resources Workforce Management/Human Resources, Personnel announcements
Legal Attorney/Lawsuit Investigation, Legal issues, Federal and state legislation, Patent Law
Logistics/Transportation Air Freight, Airlines/Aviation, Maritime/Shipbuilding, Passenger Aviation, Railroads and Intermodal Transportation, Transportation, Trucking and Road Transportation,
Machinery/Manufacturing Machinery, Machine Tools, Metalworking and metallurgy,
Real Estate Commercial Real Estate, Overseas Real Estate (non-US), Real Estate, Residential Real Estate, Real estate transactions
Retail Retail, Supermarkets,
Semiconductors/Electronics Electronic Components, Electronic Design Automation, Electronics Performance Measurement, Semiconductors,
Sports Sports Equipment & Accessories, Sports, Sporting Events,
Telecommunications Broadcast Technology, RFID, Semantic Web, Telecommunications Carriers and Services, Telecommunications Equipment, Telecommunications, VoIP, Wireless Communications,
Trade Show/Conference Trade show news
Travel/Tourism Airlines/Aviation, Amusement Parks and Tourist Attractions, Gambling/Casinos, Hotels and Resorts, Leisure/Travel/Hotels, Travel,
Parenting Toys, Children-related news, Women-related news
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