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Webcasting is an efficient and effective way to reach out to any target audience with an important message. Conference Call Webcasting provides an excellent opportunity to make audio presentations available to many potential listeners through PR Newswire’s unparalleled distribution.


  • Webcasting (media player format - Flash media player).
  • Video shooting and editing (e.g. Interview, Video Conference,Town hall and Animation videos etc.)
  • Exclusive Event Page, including logo, images, text and links etc.
  • Link of event on PR Newswire’s website, PR NEWSWIRE FOR JOURNALISTS and your company's website.
  • Registration Page with reporting (Optional).
  • Questions list (Optional).
  • Password protection (Optional).
  • One year of free archiving, including event video and audio.
  • 24-hour cancellation requirement.




  • First in the regional market with high-definition video / audio wrapped up in a Flash player, leading to superior audience experience.
  • Full synchronization between video and presentation slides
  • Dedicated section for IR-related resources downloads
  • Multi-language capability to engage a diverse investor community
  • AV signal mixing and trans-coding support
  • Instant Q&A and messaging with control panel
  • Registration confirmation email feature (Optional).
  • Robust infrastructure with both a local and international Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure consistent quality for audiences across different locations.
  • Customer-driven solutions and versatile applications on the basis of a highly scalable platform.
  • Comprehensive, real-time and client-managed traffic reports.
  • Flexible layouts to match corporate identity and event objectives.
  • Seamless integration with PR Newswire’s unparalleled distribution network so as to maximize the reach of your multimedia.

To see an example of an archived webcast, please click here

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