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Born U5: Bollywood Twins' debut against U5 Girls' Chinese ethnic vibe

2017-05-19 11:30
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HANGZHOU, China, May 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- This Saturday, Born U5, the large reality TV show exclusively sponsored by, is going to air its 8th episode. It is a co-production of ZJTV, Leisure Work Studio and Authrule Digital Media. This week, the U5 Girls are going to face with Indian Fusion Girls, a strong dance duet from the home of exotic dancing.

The performance of the Indian Twins
The performance of the Indian Twins

India Twins' Chinese debut with eye-catching dance

With Indian singing and dancing, people will notice the dancing, no matter what they are doing. The strong Bollywood style, described as being joyful, is performed by a crowd of people with a swift and energetic melody. However, this Indian twin duet brings out a totally different performance, with a mixture of Indian flavor and pop. The Modern spirits of pop music together with traditional Indian outfit turn into a real mind-blowing experience for the audience.

The Chinese traditional performance of U5 Girls
The Chinese traditional performance of U5 Girls

Show Lo engages his trump card, U5 Girls take chances with Chinese style

"India has its own style of dance, and then we have to show our Chinses style," said Show Lo. The performance of U5 Girls make the audience truly feel the beauty of Chinese style.

Qiangba Yangzhen is performing folk dancing
Qiangba Yangzhen is performing folk dancing

Qiangba Yangzhen's folk dance stirs excitement from the whole audience

Qiangba Yangzhen's wonderful folk dance earns her a long round of applause. The Tibetan outfit conveys a strong sense of ethnic flavor. The impassioned dance infects everyone under the stage. Show Lo admires it so much and the wild applause all prove the excitement from this dance.

Born U5 invites the versatile performer Show Lo as a mentor for Born Girls, guiding them to become qualified performing artists. Born U5 adopts a brand new mechanism to demonstrate a more comprehensive, more transparent program to the audience. The girls form one single group in the very beginning of the show, instead of being picked off one by one to survive. This lets the girls pour their heart and soul into self-improvement under the guidance of Show Lo, without the fear of being eliminated. Moreover, the girls battle and learn from great performers from 6 different countries to broaden their horizons with an international perspective and better prepare for their unknown show career lies ahead.

Born U5 will air on ZJTV at 22:00, 20th May.

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Source: Zhejiang Leisure Media Entertainment Co., Ltd

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