Your Website PR Is Not What You Think. You’ve Got It All Wrong.

Think you know what does PR mean for your website?

“PR” is probably the most over-used, over-abused, over-confused and just down-right misleading abbreviations in the whole Internet Marketing field. So what is PR?


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Three Tips for Using Images in Press Releases

As an editor at PR Newswire, I have to read and proof-read many press releases on a daily basis. Among these press releases, only those that have interesting story angles or incorporate unique images into the storytelling make a lasting impression in my mind.

Including images in press releases is[……]

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Media landscape in China: social media as the most important source of collecting information

China, a record-holding country: They constructed the longest bridge in the world and they also hold the record for having the most citizens living in one country with the same surname.  Chinese journalists use mobile websites for their research and social media as a form of communication with t[……]

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How Journalists Feel About PR Pros

Journalists get frustrated with PR Professionals. You see it in blog posts and on social media — journalists frustrated with generic, relevant pages and irrelevant material. Pew Research published an analysis of the gap between PR and journalist income, and the relative number of PR professional[……]

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Media Q&A: Focus Malaysia

Focus Malaysia is a business weekly that publishes news and analysis on issues relating to corporate affairs, small and medium enterprises, economics, personal wealth and current affairs. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation, it is now the largest circulating business magazine in its cat[……]

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