Five Ways Brands Can Combat Fake News with Press Releases

There’s no escaping the ever-growing threat of the “fake news” label – for media, and potentially as a huge PR crisis for communicators. According to Cision’s 2017 State of the Media Report, journalists said that regaining trust amidst the rise of misinformation and fake news is one of the greatest challenges facing the media this year. 91% of journalists report that the public trusts them less than before.


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Content Marketing: 55 Proven Ways that will Benefit your Business [Infographic]

One of the major duties of today’s’ marketing personnel is to create content – be it press releases, blog posts, videos, infographics and etc. In this vast sea of content, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. To play the game smart, here is a comprehensive infographic about content marketing[……]

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Using Social Media to Complement your Press Releases

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Air Asia

A crisis is an unplanned event. It happens overnight without any warning or clue. That is why it is important for a company to have crisis management plans in place in cases of emergencies. Different kinds of crisis require different[……]

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Journalist: To share or not to share, this is the question

Journalists usually decide whether to look at your press release within a minute’s time by doing a quick scan of the content.  In a Forbes’ article, an interview was conducted with some of the top journalists at publications including The Atlantic, Los Angeles Times, Mashable, Popular Science, Tech[……]

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Australian Media/Publishing Industry: The Need for Brand Content to Succeed

The Australian Media/Publishing industry is now almost towards the end of the transitioning to from print to digital and mobile, and consolidating their media presence online in reaction to their audiences. Although there is a large increase in ad spend, the justification of increasing ad spend is a[……]

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