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How to Handle the Media During a Crisis

When a crisis comes knocking on a company’s door, it is often promptly followed by a call from the media. At times like these, it is the company tha[……]

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Four Steps to Writing a News Release that Converts

Generating and distributing your brand’s vital news is an important part of how you stay relevant in the minds of the media and your wider custome[……]

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The “TELL” formula draws readers by the headline

News editors have to go through hundreds of news releases every day with two news stories published every minute. So, how do you keep their attentio[……]

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Media landscape in China: social media as the most important source of collecting information

China, a record-holding country: They constructed the longest bridge in the world and they also hold the record for having the most citizens livin[……]

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How Journalists Feel About PR Pros

Journalists get frustrated with PR Professionals. You see it in blog posts and on social media — journalists frustrated with generic, relevant pag[……]

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