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Behind The Byline

  • Interview with an Online Beauty Editor: How to Engage Young, Female and Digital-first Audiences

      Meet Briana Ng, Beauty Editor at Presslogic GirlStyle, a new online beauty platform based in Hong Kong targeting young girls. And yes, her job description is all you would imagine and more! She is constantly invited to many events organized by brands to collect information to write posts based on her first-hand experiences and accumulated know-how for Presslogic GirlStyle’s over 6,000,000 readers.   Despite the perceived glamour of this industry, Briana puts in a lot of hard work to write posts about skincare and makeup while getting involved with…

    Behind The Byline December 10, 2019
  • A 360 View on the Malaysian Property Market – Interview with Christopher Prasad

    [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="191"] Christopher Prasad[/caption]               Christopher Prasad is the Managing Editor of a Property News Portal. He shares, “The trick (for PR professionals) is to not see yourself as a ‘PR agency’, but a ‘news source’.” 1. Tell us about your news website. How & when did you decide to start Property360Online? Poperty360online was established by a team of ex-newspaper journalists who began to see the limitations of the print medium as a platform for sharing property news. While the print medium…

    Behind The Byline August 1, 2019
  • An interview with TODAY, a media platform experimenting with content formats to better focus on millennials

    Media 101 with Yasmine Yahya, Supervising Editor from TODAY What are the specific stories that you usually look out for? Stories about ground-up initiatives that are seeking to make an impact on society, young people doing interesting things, stories that seek to explain issues that are relevant and important to our readers, whether that’s climate change, health, education, consumer trends, etc. What should PR professionals take note of when pitching to TODAY? We seek to write stories that are unique to us. Ideally, a pitch should present us with a…

    Behind The Byline May 7, 2019
  • Video Interview with Kumparan Founder: How the Indonesian media landscape is quickly evolving

    Kumparan is a news platform founded in 2017, aimed at disrupting the online media industry by incorporating technology-based journalism and enabling interaction between users on one platform. Since their establishment, they have expanded to a team of 400 employees and 5,000 content creators, and generated an average of 2,500 content pieces per day, with 30 million monthly active readers. We sat down with Hugo Diba, the founder of Kumparan, to learn about how Kumparan came about, what contributed to its success and some of his tips for media pitches. Prior to setting up…

    Behind The Byline April 22, 2019
  • Media Q&A with “Branding in Asia”: The latest thoughtful creative work beats celebrity content anytime

    Content marketing is an emerging form of marketing in South Korea as it is incredibly hard to get and hold the consumers’ attention in this tech-savvy country. To succeed, content needs to be creative, offer value while being infused with your brand’s core value propositions. This interview features Bobby McGill, founder of ‘Branding in Asia’, an online publication that features creative work and insights on branding, advertising as well as marketing, across the Asia-Pacific. Could you please tell us a bit more about yourself? I’ve been writing professionally since 1997.…

    Behind The Byline April 4, 2019