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Facebook Changes – The Good Times Are Over

The good news is that we’ll be seeing more conspiracy theory posts from crazy Uncle Stan, and of course, we cannot forget that seemingly unending[……]

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Content We Love: Vivid Sydney’s glow takes over the city

If the process of writing and submitting a quality press release were as easy as memorizing the law of sines or even the quadratic formula*, just about everyone would be a press release expert. Unfortunately, the process can be complex one fraught with difficulties, especially when the release is an important one. Luckily, PR Newswire has plenty of resources available on its website for those who would like to expedite the process. For those who want one quick tip in terms of what to do in order to possibly attain amazing results, I would recommend sending out a multimedia news release(MNR)!



**VividSydney Songlines Artist Donny Woolagoodja credit Destination NSW


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3 Ways to Engage Millennials


Businesses are obsessed with Millennials nowadays, and are often looking for ways to win over this group of tech-savvy, trendsetting, entrep[……]

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3 tips for writing a fabulous fashion news release

3 Tips for Writing a Fabulous Fashion News Release

Courtesy of Ryan McGuire

Got a passion for fashion? Great.

But when it comes to writing[……]

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Content We Love: Using Infographics to Dominate the Competition like a “Terminator” at the Gym

By Niphon Goodyear

One thing that weightlifting has taught me is to NEVER just show up. When it is time to train it’s time to go 100% and for press[……]

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