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Multimedia Engagement

  • Let’s Get Emotional: Values that Resonate Emotionally with Asian Audiences

    Research conducted by Jonah Berger and Katherine Milkman shows that there is a direct correlation between how viral a piece of content becomes and how much emotion it evokes. The top 10 emotions that drive content-sharing are positive ones, such as amusement, happiness, hope, affection, and excitement. [caption id="attachment_1480" align="alignleft" width="300"] Source: WhoIsHostingThis?[/caption] However, these emotions may not be evoked in the same ways that strike a chord in America or the UK.  Different themes and cultural values may be the different triggers for these emotions. Despite a slow erosion of…

    Content PR & Marketing April 15, 2014
  • Content We Love: Jiuzhaigou Offers a Multifaceted Look at a National Treasure

    Jiuzhaigou, a splendid valley of breathtakingly prismatic lakes in China’s Sichuan Province, is on the bucket list of Chinese and foreign tourist alike, but this World Natural Heritage site is just far enough off the beaten path to require a little more time investment than a weekend getaway might allow. That’s part of why we’re choosing Jiuzhai Valley National Park’s recent multimedia news release (or MNR) among the first to earn PRN Asia’s stamp of approval for “Content We Love” because it does inspire one to drop everything, even in…

    Multimedia Engagement February 28, 2014
  • eBook: New School Press Release Tactics That Grab Attention & Get Results

      Press releases do not get enough credit on what it can do for businesses. It provides the latest news and information to the relevant audience, as long as it is done the correct way. According to PR Newswire’s Web analytics, the press releases on were read almost 42 million times in 2012. So, we are happy to say press releases still matter, however with the fierce competition for attention everywhere, it is vital to produce high value and useful content and understand the desired outcomes businesses would like…

    Content PR & Marketing October 25, 2013
  • Video Comes Out On Top [Infographic]

    A few months back, I wrote a blog about How Effective Is Video For Your Business? To take it further, we reached out to a group of marketing and communications professionals and invited them to participate in our Video Marketing in Asia survey. Well, the results are in and according to the survey, the majority (81%) of the respondents agree that video is an effective marketing tool. Marketers are taking notice that video is a powerful tool to engage with their audience in ways that can only be explained effectively…

    Content PR & Marketing October 18, 2013
  • Debuting in Malaysia

    Earlier this month, PR Newswire was invited to speak at the KL Social Media Event which was held at Marche, The Curve Damansara, Malaysia on 21st September. Yitung Liw, our Business Development Manager was the first speaker, his presentation on “Global Content Marketing’ caught much attention during and after his session. [caption id="attachment_1233" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Yitung Liw from PR Newswire’s Malaysia office, speaking at KL Social Media event.[/caption] Yitung talked about how brands leveraged PR Newswire’s global network of media and influencers, citing client examples including Porsche, LG, Pandora, Wynn, Johnnie Walker…

    Asia Specials September 30, 2013