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  • Behind The Byline Podcast: With Amanda Valani, Former Head of Original Content, Narasi TV

    With great power comes great responsibility – Amanda Valani refines her leadership skills and parenting methods as she climbs the corporate ladder in the media industry. Amanda started her career as a broadcast journalist at news channel Metro TV. “When I was a journalist, I became the creator and the storyteller,” she said. “I made my own work from start to finish. That is exactly what I miss.” As she assumed a leadership role as head of content creation for Narasi TV, Amanda interpreted creative freedom in a different way.…

    Behind The Byline 2 days ago
  • Utilize sports sponsorship to promote products and brands in press releases

    The 2022 World Cup is just a few days away! 32 national teams travel to Qatar to compete for the biggest competition. As all eyes are on this quadrennial tournament, sponsorship represents an immense commercial opportunity for brands. Starting from October, the Official Sponsors and Timekeeper of the FIFA World Cup 2022™ have sent out press releases to promote their products and launch relevant campaigns. In these releases, the sponsors illustrate: they are as passionate about football as fans are they are excited to be part of this football megaevent…

    Content PR & Marketing November 17, 2022
  • Behind The Byline Podcast: With Matt Cowan, Chief Editor, The Bureau Asia

    “Hey Matt, do you like Vietnam?” Chief Editor of The Bureau Asia Matt Cowan has been living in Ho Chi Minh City since 2010. Whenever the Australian meets new people there, he knows they will ask him this question. So Matt, do you like Vietnam? “I do, I honestly do love living here but it’s not a holiday for me,” said Matt, who established the Vietnam-based lifestyle and travel media platform in 2018. Back then, SEO, social media advertising, and Google Analytics were all new to him. He knows these…

    Behind The Byline November 14, 2022
  • Write Powerful Product Launch Press Releases with Audience in Mind

    During a product launch, getting the message across to the target audience requires compelling product pitches and effective audience engagement. It is important to draft the message with key information that the audiences are looking for: Tell readers where and when the new product will be released Focus on benefits, not features Explain how the product fits for purpose Make the audience the key role in the launch Demonstrate the new product Include product images In September, the releases with the most clicks and pick-ups were all focused on new…

    Content PR & Marketing October 26, 2022
  • Behind The Byline Podcast: With Eiko Endo, Reporter, The Oriental Times

    Accepting and overcoming anxiety about the future is a lesson Eiko Endo learned as a journalist at The Oriental Times. After graduating from Keio University, Eiko pursued further studies in Beijing. Upon her return to Japan, she looked for a job that required her to use Chinese. That was how she joined The Oriental Times, a Chinese language newspaper that covers Sino-Japan relations. Before becoming a correspondent, Eiko said she felt “anxious about not being able to see the future” but working in journalism has developed a mindset in her…

    Behind The Byline September 29, 2022