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  • From The Editor’s Desk (November 2021): 4 Tips on Writing Holiday-related Press Releases

    The holidays are at hand in many parts of the world. Whether or not you celebrate them, the ubiquity of consumer-focused marketing and PR will no doubt at least remind you that they’re happening or coming up. If you’re a PR professional, you’re probably grappling with the age-old problem of the industry: how to balance PR with marketing in a holiday-related release. For many, it’s easy. For some, it’s a bit more of a struggle. In the month of November (and a little bit of October), we began seeing the…

  • ESG Communications Checklist: How Brands Can Avoid Greenwashing in Press Releases

    With ESG (environmental, social and governance) funds capturing a record US$51.1 billion in net new money from global investors last year, consumers, investors, regulators and journalists have become more vigilant about greenwashing. Greenwashing conveys a false impression to consumers and other stakeholders on a company’s willingness, ability or contribution towards environmental protection. To avoid the suspicion of greenwashing, we have compiled a checklist on the best practices and pitfalls of ESG communications efforts.  In addition, we interviewed Key Gu, Director, Marketing and Platform Management, Greater China at BSI Group, a…

    Content PR & Marketing November 15, 2021
  • From The Editor’s Desk (October 2021): 6 Tips on Writing Award-related Press Releases

    As we entered the fourth quarter of the year, press releases on brands winning accolades began pouring in. While awards can be handed out throughout the year, a majority of them are doled out in the later months. Nominations are usually required a few months in advance to give the judges enough time to weigh in on the qualities of the nominees. Therefore, the months of September, October, November, and December typically see a larger wave of industry awards. In October, some of the major accolades handed out in the…

    Content PR & Marketing November 10, 2021
  • Healthcare Media Pitching Tips From Managing Editor, detikHealth

    When it comes to pitching COVID-19 related stories to healthcare media, keep it simple and practical. That’s the key tip from Uyung Pramudiarja, Managing Editor of detikhealth, an online healthcare news website in Indonesia.  As the pandemic continues to evolve, Pramudiarja predicts that COVID-19-related stories will stay dominant in detikHealth’s coverage. What types of pitches would get his attention?  Simple and practical ‘what to do’ and ‘how to’ tips that are relatable to everyday life.   Pramudiarja is one of the 15 editors and journalists whom PR Newswire interviewed for its 2021 Healthcare Media Pitching Kit (APAC Edition).  The media share best practices and tips on…

    Content PR & Marketing October 4, 2021
  • Clowns Outside Schools: Tracking a Not so Comedic Crisis in Real Time

    They say there are two things to avoid in showbusiness: Children and Animals. Earlier this week, it seems the adage for PR pros and marketers is “never work with clowns”. Don’t Send in the Clowns [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="700"] Clowns loitered outside some schools in Singapore as part of a publicity stunt by an enrichment centre.[/caption]   Earlier this week, disturbing images of clowns randomly appearing and loitering outside schools across the island of Singapore started to circulate online. Within hours, the images had been joined by a swathe of…

    Content PR & Marketing September 24, 2021