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  • Winning Partnerships: Positioning Your Company Behind the Right CSR Causes

    Can a business cancel out its greenhouse gas emissions? Dilmah, a Sri Lankan tea company, with a global presence, announced its carbon neutral status for its products, early this year. Here’s why it matters to the rest of the world: Currently, businesses account for more than half of the world’s electricity consumption. The longer it takes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the climate impact becomes more dramatic: from rising sea levels threatening Pacific islands to extreme weather patterns sparking fierce forest fires. Source: Dilmah Tea Dilmah’s tea production involves a…

    Content PR & Marketing April 5, 2019
  • MWC–Three Positioning Strategies for Innovative Brands

    Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC19), the mobile industry’s premier event has concluded in Barcelona with the launch of 5G-enabled smartphones, unveiling of new products and services, and demonstration of exciting new applications enabled by 5G technology. As Asian brands are relatively new to the international stage, many international consumers continue to associate these brands with perceptions of lower price and quality. To address these negative perceptions and enhance brand awareness in the target verticals, many Asian brands have been actively positioning themselves as innovative brands. But an “innovative brand” is…

    Content PR & Marketing March 11, 2019
  • Brand Leadership – The Role of Public Relations

    No brand is built overnight. A brand leader tends to pop up in the minds of consumers when they meet a certain situation or think about a specific product. There are multiple facets to brand leadership, so I am featuring a couple of relatively young but innovative brands to illustrate the role of branding and public relations (PR) when positioning an outstanding product or service for market leadership. Positioning and Branding Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to…

    Content PR & Marketing February 27, 2019
  • Three Pillars of Press Releases that Attract Journalists

    I work at PR Newswire where I read news releases daily and see how brands curate their newsworthy content for delivery to thousands of journalists. At breakfast earlier this week, a friend asked for examples where brand-related social media postings were noticed and covered by journalists. My reply was that there were a few isolated examples I could recall where a social media posting went viral and covered by well-known publications. Of course, his next question was, “Why?”. Surveys have shown that getting journalists are typically sceptical of social media…

    Content PR & Marketing February 27, 2019
  • Sharings on the Gaming Industry by Sean Lim, Founder of GamerBraves, Gamer Santai & Wanuxi

    You own 3 Gaming sites that cover content in 3 different languages (English, Bahasa Malaysia & Chinese). Can you tell us more about your sites & what each one aims to cover? The 3 gaming content sites that I run are: – Wanuxi , pronounced as Wan-You-See (玩游戏 = Play Games) is a gaming news portal started since 2013. We cover games from PC to Console to Mobile platforms. As of 2019, Wanuxi is probably the most prominent gaming news portal in Malaysia. We write exclusively in Mandarin Chinese. Gamerbraves…

    Content PR & Marketing February 19, 2019