Whether you're promoting a new product, announcing your company's annual results or launching a new marketing campaign, you can leverage PR Newswire's distribution network to send press releases. PR Newswire's global distribution network provides high visibility and effective reach for your message, covering every corner of the globe.

Share Your Brand’s Story Around the World

Brands looking to exceed their marketing and communications objectives rely on PR Newswire. From building awareness and generating media coverage, to guiding conversations and acquiring new audiences, our network and flexible distribution options can help you reach your goals.

  • Industry’s Strongest Network

    PR Newswire’s global distribution network reaches media and online sites in 170 countries and over 40 languages, including 300K+ media outlets and 1.7M+ journalists and influencers.

  • Build Shareholder Confidence

    Transmit and deliver to all disclosure points quickly and securely.

  • Evaluate Your Results

    Get actionable insights with our Distribution Reports’ performance and audience engagement data.

Get Earned Media and Influencer Attention

Media coverage can amplify a story and add third-party credibility to a message, and PR Newswire has a proven ability to generate up to 48% more media pickup than other providers, as well as ranking #1 with journalists and bloggers as the most trusted press release news source.*

  • Generate Earned Media

    We deliver to editorial systems and newsrooms of major media organizations– a direct pipeline that online-only providers cannot offer.

  • Access to the Industry’s Largest Distribution Network

    Share your message with the media by industry, geography or topic – our powerful network of thousands of media points helps you reach influencers critical to your brand.

* PR Newswire 2015 Analysis

Create Demand with Content Distribution

Marketers can use our distribution network to generate leads from their content by targeting key audiences across channels.

  • Attract New Audiences with Online Syndication

    Expand your digital footprint beyond your owned channels by tapping into our global distribution network which includes more than 10,000 websites.

  • Expand Industry Reach

    We target and deliver your message to influencers in more than 100 industries. Examples include:

    • Finance: Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, and CNNMoney, MarketWatch, Asia Insurance Review
    • Travel: Go Asia Plus, Business Traveller, National Geographic
    • Technology: Wired, Tech Crunch, Engadget, CNET News, Technode
    • General News: Asia One, Reuters, Morningstar, Sina.com

Global News Release Distribution

PR Newswire’s global distribution network reaches media and online sites in 170 countries and over 40 languages, including 300K+ media outlets and 1.7M+ journalists and influencers. Whether your target market is Asia Pacific, US, Europe, Greater China, the Middle East, Latin America or elsewhere, PR Newswire can help you distribute your news and content and reach your audiences to increase your brand visibility in the targeted areas and boost sales by way of branding and communication.

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Multimedia News Releases

Engage your target audience and encourage interaction with a Multimedia News Release - a customized landing page with online syndication, media distribution, and guaranteed page views.

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Global Outdoor Distribution

Outdoor video and image display in major cities around the world, including New York Times Square, Tokyo, London, and Paris. The distribution channels also include DirecTV broadcast channels, airport terminal screens, and displays inside major retailers.

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IR Services

With a wide range of professional financial media networks, we can satisfy your company's disclosure and compliance requirements, engage your shareholders and increase visibility to investors by using our content distribution network to release your earnings, financial, and material information.

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Distribution Results Feedback

Our complimentary distribution reports allow you to measure the impact of your company's communications efforts. The reports show where the releases were posted online, how much traffic they have generated, the types of audiences consuming your content, and how these audiences are engaging with your content.

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Client Stories

By working with PR Newswire, we explored new and interesting news angles for the outcomes of our corporate social responsibility program and presented them in a more attractive Multimedia News Release format. This is an effective tool to help readers experience the event, especially through multimedia assets that are easy to access. Download >

—— Golden Agri-Resources

PR Newswire's services complemented our efforts to reach out to the relevant media with its wide range of on-boarded media outlets. Without this service, some media outlets might not have been accessible to us. Download >

—— Manulife Singapore

Over the years, Air China leverages PR Newswire’s global media network to successfully distribute press releases in local languages to more than 20 countries and regions to better demonstrate its brand value to the public. The sincere efforts by the PR Newswire team play a key and positive role in enhancing Air China’s brand recognition globally, and we look forward to broader and deeper cooperation in the future. Download >

—— Air China

We are delighted to have PR Newswire as a distribution partner to amplify our reach globally with our first international communication campaign. PR Newswire’s Multimedia News Release helps us to deliver our messages in a more interactive and effective way. Download >

—— Incheon Global Campus

It was the first time the head office in South Korea sent out a multimedia release. It was a good try as we could engage our target audiences with visuals including videos, as well as localise the release in multiple languages to boost engagement and media pickups. We would like to thank PR Newswire Korea for making our first multimedia release a success. Download >

—— LG Group

We wanted to use a different communication approach and decided to work with PR Newswire even though we were unsure what to expect at the beginning. Fortunately, PR Newswire was able to work seamlessly with us and facilitate our requests by providing professional inputs and suggestions. It is very satisfying to see our news release can be shared globally in just a click away. Download >

—— Jakarta Land

By leveraging PR Newswire’s extensive and credible media network, our story was published verbatim in hundreds of media outlets across Asia. PR Newswire was able to bring our company great benefits on a global scale! Download >

—— ANX International

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