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  • Its Not Just The Money For Angel Investors

    Angel investors should go beyond chasing financial returns and concentrate on providing mentoring that will help start-ups grow quickly. This way, they can attract investors easily, says Alan Lim,

    2019-09-25 12:04

    The US$ 300 million industrial estates built in Karawang

    KARAWANG, presidentpost – The Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry) continues to encourage the growth of industrial estates because of its strategic role in spurring regional economic growth to the national level. For example, today a groundbreaking for Karawang New Industry City Tenants (KNIC) was started in Karawang, West Java.

    2019-09-25 11:52

    Measures sought to support firms in exporting to ASEAN market

    A conference was held in Hanoi on September 23 to seek solutions to support and create favourable conditions for businesses to export goods and services to the ASEAN market.

    2019-09-25 11:58

    SITEX 2019: A Digital Playground for Singaporeans from All Walks of Life

    Singapore’s only consumer lifestyle IT exhibition is back again this year. The convention will be held from 28 Nov to 1 Dec at the Singapore Expo, Halls 5 & 6.

    2019-09-25 11:55 is a Super App for Esports Content Creators

    Esports has been exploding in Southeast Asia. Go anywhere in the region to see players obsessing over the likes of Dota 2, League of Legends and Mobile Legends., an esports and content creator marketplace based in Singapore, has jumped right into the fray.

    2019-09-25 11:45
  • Is the Seiko Presage SARX017 one of the best everyday watches no one has ever heard of?

    In a nutshell, most probably but first, a little bit of history. Introduced sometime before 2010, the Seiko Presage SARX017 is a JDM (Japan Domestic Market) model which was discontinued during the first quarter of 2017. Consequently, there are only two popular ways for you to get one today.

    2019-09-25 12:36

    Halima Aden: Changing The Fashion Industry

    For decades, the Fashion and Modeling industry had been exclusive with a severe lack of diversity, so much so that it projected a certain level of beauty standards that enabled the female insecurities to foster. But that was before Halima Aden strutted on to the scene, kicked the door open and used her platform to challenge stereotypes. In fact, the 22-year-old “black, Muslim, Somalian-American” hailing from Kenya single-handedly shifted the fashion industry’s gaze away from women’s bodies and subsequently redefined beauty standards.

    2019-09-25 12:30

    Meet the F-91W's lesser-known twin, the Casio F-84W!

    So, it's pretty common, right? The Casio F-91W. After all, we're talking about a watch that has been in continuous production since 1991 and, according to Casio's estimation, boasts an annual production count of 3 million units. However, we're not here to talk about the '91' today. What you see here is its lesser-known twin, the Casio F-84W.

    2019-09-25 12:18

    5 Best Hidden Bars in KL

    Tired of the usual loud music and overcrowded dance floors? There are plenty of great bars hidden throughout KL. If you’re interested in trying something new, why not visit one of these 5 best hidden gems?

    2019-09-25 12:14
  • COPA HARIMAU Tournament Info

    Football Central, founded in 2018, is Malaysia’s online platform that was designed to centralize football information into one platform. They are determined to gather and bring all football information from all levels through their platform with the purpose of creating visibility, exposure and easy access to all.

    2019-10-15 21:48

    Renting Your Property to Pet Owners: Yay or Nay?

    It can be quite a hassle screening through potential tenants when you’re a property owner looking to rent out your properties, but when it comes to their pets, would you tread with caution, or view it as a dealbreaker? For many pet-owners, their pets are almost like family, but landlords may not have the same view, due to several reasons. These may include an aversion to dogs or cats (or any other animal), suffering from pet-related allergies, or due to cultural or religious constraints. Nevertheless, it may be silly to reject a potential tenant simply because they are a pet-owner, so perhaps some basic rules or guidelines can be put in place to ensure the renting process is as smooth and trouble-free as possible.

    2019-09-25 12:52

    Estate123 Big Data Spotlight: Shah Alam

    Shah Alam was the first planned city in Malaysia after independence from Britain in 1957. It was once known as Sungai Renggam and was noted for its rubber and oil palm estates. Shah Alam has a total area of 290 sq km, with a current total population of about 750,000. It has a similar urban layout to Petaling Jaya or Subang Jaya, with housing areas occupying most of the city and commercial centres scattered around the different ‘Seksyen’ (sections).

    2019-09-25 12:49

    Estate123 Big Data Spotlight: Rawang

    With prime land in the Klang Valley almost fully taken up by existing projects and new developments, property developers have no choice but to shift their attention towards the fringes. Rawang is one such place that is now a favourite spot for residential developments. Located about 35km north of Kuala Lumpur, it used to be a satellite town with an economy powered by tin mining in the early 19th century, and is also the first town to be supplied with electricity in British Malaya. Throughout the years, it started to expand and today, its population is close to 200,000.

    2019-09-25 12:47

    Super Topless Series. McLaren 720S Spider officially launched in Malaysia!

    The all-new McLaren 720S Spider recently made its debut on Malaysian soil! Coated in this stunning shade called Memphis Red, the Spider is available to order with a starting price of RM 1,218,000.00 before duties and options.

    2019-09-25 12:44

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