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  • Brands Ride on the Squid Game Hype: The Rise of the Hit Show on Social Media

    South Korean thriller Squid Game has become one of the most talked-about shows in 2021. Since its launch on Netflix three weeks ago, Squid Game has been watched by millions around the world and is on its way to becoming the streaming platform’s most popular original series of all time. Be it the dystopian show’s violent take on childhood games, striking visuals or a disturbing study of human nature, Squid Game has gathered much buzz on social media.   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="531"] Volume of social media mentions of “Squid Game” from 15 Sep to 5 Oct (Source: Cision Social Listening)[/caption]   Since Squid Game was…

    Insights & Monitoring October 7, 2021
  • Clowns Outside Schools: Tracking a Not so Comedic Crisis in Real Time

    They say there are two things to avoid in showbusiness: Children and Animals. Earlier this week, it seems the adage for PR pros and marketers is “never work with clowns”. Don’t Send in the Clowns [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="700"] Clowns loitered outside some schools in Singapore as part of a publicity stunt by an enrichment centre.[/caption]   Earlier this week, disturbing images of clowns randomly appearing and loitering outside schools across the island of Singapore started to circulate online. Within hours, the images had been joined by a swathe of…

    Content PR & Marketing September 24, 2021