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  • How Journalists Feel About PR Pros

    Journalists get frustrated with PR Professionals. You see it in blog posts and on social media — journalists frustrated with generic, relevant pages and irrelevant material. Pew Research published an analysis of the gap between PR and journalist income, and the relative number of PR professionals to journalists (there are a lot more of the former). With the advent of digital journalism, it is journalists who find their objectivity scrutinized more often than before. It’s not a surprise that many journalists harbor some misgivings for the PR industry. But how can…

    Media Relations September 26, 2017
  • 4 Tips to Craft an Effective PR Strategy for Your Hotel

    I was recently invited to speak to 50 over hotel PR executives in Jakarta at an event organized by Himpunan Humas Hotel (H3) Jakarta, an association for PR professionals in the hotel industry in Jakarta. Besides sharing best practices of press release writing, many questions were raised with regards to how the shift to digital media is changing the PR game. Here are four key takeaways from the sharing session: Listening The late author and PR exec Leonard Saffir once said, “The formulation of a PR strategy properly begins with listening, not talking.” Even in a digital world, getting…

    Content PR & Marketing August 2, 2017
  • Dress from the feet up: Why boilerplates are important and what elements to include in them

    Photo by Camila Damásio on Unsplash A killer headline? Check. A newsworthy, logically crafted, grammar-free main body? Check. So now, what’s missing? Right, the company boilerplate. The inverted pyramid is the most effective and preferred structure in PR writing — so we are told. It might leave people with an impression that what is placed at the bottom of a press release is the most trivial. They might even want to do away with boilerplates entirely as most people believe shorter content is better content due to supposedly being easier to understand and…

    Content PR & Marketing July 21, 2017
  • How to Write a Trade Show News Release that Turns Heads

    These days there are an abundance of trade shows, representing different industries and focusing on different audiences. How do you ensure that your event’s news release stands out from the crowd? While writing an event news release is a fairly routine task for communications and marketing professionals, it’s easy to fall in the trap of producing a stereotypical news release.  It’s time to try new story angles that makes your trade show news release more interesting and newsworthy. Remember to keep the five “Ws” and one “H” in mind when…

  • Setting Goals for Your Next Press Release is The First Step to Getting Results

    What are your goals? What can we do to define them and what needs to be done to achieve them? Each release has its own message and its own metric for success. Based on a variety of factors we could be aiming for more visits to the company website, website visits from more regions or increased user engagement, etc. Therefore, if we treat every release the same then we won’t be optimizing our results. One example of a release written with clear goals in mind is the below release: “XDynamics…

    Asia Specials April 26, 2017