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Discovery Japan Mall - 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

2017-05-15 09:00
-- 20 people will be selected by raffle to win the equivalent of 100,000 RMB in products

TOKYO, May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 15th, 2017, Digital Studio Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Norio Itabashi) will hold a Japanese product gift campaign to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Discovery Japan Mall, the e-commerce site where Japanese products are sold across borders.

Discovery Japan Mall - 1 Year Anniversary Celebration
Discovery Japan Mall - 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

Products to be given as gifts:

For men:
G-SHOCK watch
Men's shampoo
0.01mm condoms
Men's hair tonic

For women:
Hair iron
Panasonic pore suction machine
Sekkisei moisturizer
BABY-G watch
Merries diapers
Face slimming roller 3D beauty machine
Triumph Tenshi no Bra

Campaign entry period: May 8th - May 30th (Until 17:00 Japan time)

About entering

1. You must be following the official Discovery Japan WeChat page. Please follow in advance.
2. Campaign participation is online only. You can enter only with a computer, cell phone, or smart phone that can connect to the Internet.
3. After you are selected as a winner and have registered the information (mailing address information) designated by this company, our campaign office will send an email indicating the completion of your entry to your registered email address. This will complete your entry.
4. You may not be able to win in this campaign at the same time as another simultaneously conducted campaign giving away the same products.
5. Entry rights are valid for the applicant only, and may not be exchanged for money or transferred to any third party including family members.

About winning and prize shipment

We cannot ship the prizes for this campaign if you do not register the information we designate.

Shipment of prizes is limited to a one time shipment of the prizes applied for only, using the method this company designates. Even if the prizes are not received or arrive late, we will not ship them again unless ill intent or serious error on our part was involved, and we will not be liable for non-receipt or late arrival of prizes.

Prize winners will be notified through prize shipment. Prizes will be shipped in order starting around the beginning of June.

Please understand in advance that prize shipment may be delayed due to various circumstances such as natural disasters or prize production schedules.

If we cannot deliver the prizes to you due to an unclear address or phone number or a changed address or phone number after a change of residence, etc., we will consider your win invalid.

The trademarks, information, and copyrights to designs, etc. posted on this website belong to the rights holders if rights holders exist in or outside this company, and may not be used without the permission of this company or the rights holders.

About DigitalStudio Co., Ltd.

- Bringing Japan to the world -

DigitalStudio was established in 2003 and is based in Roppongi, Minato Ward, Tokyo. Our company has a dream.

Craftsmen put their heart into the products they make, and while these are the regular things we take for granted as we use and enjoy them - things like fashion, anime, buildings, clothing, food, and toys - Japanese products are particularly renowned worldwide.

Whether it's toys or food, you can't help feeling "This is amazing!" as your heart skips a beat and you break into a smile. In this way, Japanese products bring a "new purpose in life" and "richness" to people's lives. Wouldn't it be great to bring this to the world? At our company, by "continuing to bring Japan to the world," we want to enrich as many people's hearts as possible, and that idea embodies our dream.

Norio Itabashi
Cell Number: (+81) 48-661-3210

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Source: Digital Studio Co., Ltd.
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