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Doosan Skoda Power: A Small Turbine Can Be the Heart of a Big Company

2017-07-11 11:00

PILSEN, Czech Republic, July 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Day after day, industrial steam turbines from Doosan Škoda Power set industrial operations in motion across the globe. The turbines must be reliable and their outstanding features therefore include a high quality and trouble-free operation. In addition to this, experts also appreciate them for the wide range of their potential applications. It is their great adaptability to operation anywhere in the world that makes this Czech manufacturer's turbines reliable partners in business.  

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"We can use smaller turbines for electricity generation in a broad range of applications, from conventional fossil fuels to biomass and municipal waste firing to concentrated solar power (CSP) installations. We have recently installed a new turbine in Java, Indonesia, and also carried out some other projects in India and Latin America," confirms Daniel Procházka of Doosan Škoda Power; its Industrial Steam Turbines division specialises in smaller operations.

The key advantages of Doosan Škoda Power's turbines include their flexibility during different operational modes including quick start-up and load changes. "We often supply turbines as part of a larger industrial complex. We take this into account in the early stage of turbine design so that our turbines can accommodate specific operational requirements. Some of our models are delivered completely assembled on the frame including the oil tank and gear box, ready to be connected to other systems also delivered as a skid. Very often we supply the turn-key erection works," says Daniel Procházka, adding immediately: "Our field engineers are also always involved in the process of cold and hot testing and the subsequent commissioning of the equipment."

The turbines' lifetime and reliability are also important for customers. It is no exception that Doosan Škoda Power engineering specialists come across Škoda turbines that have been in operation for more than 50 years! "In this respect, Doosan Škoda Power's turbines are among the very best in the world. Where the customer requires it, we provide on-site technical assistance for the first months of operations. Thereafter, the operation of the equipment can be monitored from a remote location (this is called the 'remote monitoring system'), including from our offices in Plzeň, the Czech Republic, where we also have a development centre. Our specialists can evaluate a particular operation online and suggest its optimisation, or any appropriate servicing intervention, to the operator," confirms Daniel Procházka.

Expanding its customer services, Doosan Škoda Power has opened a trade representative office in Jakarta to be close to our local Customers, better understand their needs and provide them an immediate support.

Source: Doosan Skoda Power

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