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Korea's Plastic Surgery, Korea TL Plastic Surgery introduces TL LAFIT Lifting, overcoming drawbacks of previous lifting surgeries

2017-06-28 10:00

SEOUL, South Korea, June 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A lifting surgery is a procedure to lift and reposition the muscles and skin in the face, neck and other places that have sagged with age. There are various lifting techniques used by Korea's plastic surgery surgeons but in April, Dr. Jung, Yeonho of Korea TL Plastic Surgery's anti-aging center registered his patented LAFIT lifting.

TL Anti-aging and Lifting Center, Director/Dr. Jung YeonHo
TL Anti-aging and Lifting Center, Director/Dr. Jung YeonHo

Dr. Jung, Yeonho of Korea TL Plastic Surgery remarked, "with age, your skin starts to sag and develop wrinkles. For a drastic effect, you need to target the underlying problem. Through 1:1 consultation, patient's conditions are carefully analyzed to give results to an ideal smooth facial shape."

"TL Plastic Surgery's LAFIT is a unique surgery method based on TL Plastic Surgery's know-how and experience for the past 20 years. LAFIT lifting uses both dissolvable threads and Elasticum lifting band, overcoming past drawbacks on lifting surgeries and promising a natural result that lasts. The smooth yet powerful bands feel like natural ligaments when moving the body and face." These are the detailed introduction to Korea TL Plastic Surgery anti-aging center's LAFIT lifting.

To add, Dr. Jung, Yeonho specified, "unlike the previous lifting procedures by threads, the LIFT uses micro-silicone material wrapped with polyester, aiding in extra lifting and efficient healing through minimal invasion. Through LAFIT procedures at the TL Plastic Surgery, slimmer and smaller facial line results are promised to overcome aging and sagging skin."

TL Korea Plastic's head director Dr. Jung, Yeonho has presented his clinical results when he was invited to academic sessions in Korea and abroad. His techniques are recognized by other doctors who have received training through his medical live training sessions. Both Power V and LAFIT lifting have been registered in Korea in April.

About TL Plastic Surgery

TL Plastic Surgery was founded in 2008 and is located in Gangnam. 9 professional specialists with rich clinical experiences in each field perform consultation and surgery, and provide distinguished medical services. TL Anti-aging Center's Dr. Jung, Yeonho promises the most ideal results backed by numerous cases of clinical experiences and by meeting the exact wishes of patients through a 1:1 consultation system. 

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