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Linkfluence Launches its own Innovative Image Recognition Technology, in a Market Estimated to be Worth More Than 25 Billion Dollars

2017-06-15 20:00
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LONDON, June 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Linkfluence, a Social Data Intelligence leader, is launching its proprietary technology today, which revolutionises one of the large digital markets that is experiencing rapid growth: image recognition, a market worth more than several dozen billion dollars. 

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Visual is king! In 2016, more than three billion photos were exchanged each day on social networks throughout the world. Today, the visual internet has spread to the extent that it is found in all forms of communication, and is fast becoming the primary international language. For example, the confirmed rates of engagement are ten times higher on Instagram compared to Facebook. To better understand consumers, brands are faced with no other option but to ensure they have the capacity, not just to listen and analyse online conversation, but to decode visual content.

The internet giants are not mistaken in this regard, and from Google to IBM, all are investing massive amounts in Computer Vision. According to research consultants Markets and Markets, the market is estimated to be worth 25.75 billion dollars by 2019.

In a period of fast growth and change, Linkfluence is proud to announce the launch of its new proprietary image recognition technology. The primary goal is to apply image recognition to the content captured in real-time by the Linkfluence Social Listening platform, which consists of more than 100,000 pieces per minute.

Linkfluence's engineers have built a state-of-the-art AI technology for image analysis using complex models developed in house, and used by the best research labs in the world (Google, MIT).

Linkfluence is revolutionising the landscape of web listening software by applying all the functions of the Linkfluence platform to images, and including this in their licence.

There is huge, promising potential for its use by brands, particularly in the luxury industry - a sector notorious for its visual content production. Brands will be given the ability to: detect online brand presence (whether it is cited or not), understand the environment in which a product is used by consumers (by day, by night, on the streets, at restaurants, etc.), identify piracy and much more.

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About: Linkfluence, the leading Social Data Intelligence company, offers unique solutions for the monitoring, analysis and activation of social media channels. @linkfluence.

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Pauline Bodin,


Source: Linkfluence

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