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Original Chinese Digital Currency ACC Introduced to Japan, Earning a Good Reputation for ACC Business Model

2017-07-14 12:14

TOKYO, July 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The international digital currency ACC ( currency issued by China Blockchain Team has been launched officially yesterday on the Japanese stock exchange, with the first transaction platform been introduced on the original Chinese digital currency, which sparked wide discussions related to the Japanese digital currency.

Nowadays, various counties attach high levels of attention to the development trend of digital currency. Japan, as a country acknowledges the digital currency's statue as payment instruments yet collects no consumption tax, which undoubtedly provides significant advantages to the development of ACC. For this, ACC has chosen Japan as its first station of an international transaction platform. It is said by the ACC operation teams that, since ACC's values lie in international strategy arrangements and its final trend is exactly a perfect ecosystem, thus as an international transaction platform of ACC, Japan means more than a simple bargaining transaction between investment clients and this shall not be ACC's value embodiment.

Since the construction of ACChain, it has received wide domestic and international recognition; soon afterwards, it will be launched in Canada and other countries. Along with the continuously perfected ACC ecosystem, several national node token monies like RET, NPC and K currency have become a power of circulation, making a rudiment of asset digitization system.

Certainly, some people from the field of Japanese monetary point out that the business model of ACC has profound meanings and development potentials in development fields of digital currency, however, its ecological construction speed is also a crucial indicator that severely challenges the ACChain Team. In the case of rapid, efficient and high-quality advancement of ACC international ecological layout, ACC will take the lead in the digital currency era in future.

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Source: ACChain

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