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Shanghai SIPG Football Club Signs a 'Pro-Solutions' Professional Operations Partnership Agreement with TUV Rheinland

2017-07-28 13:23

HONG KONG, July 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On 21 July 2017, in a move symbolising TUV Rheinland's successful entry into the commercial operations of football clubs in China, Shanghai SIPG Football Club (SIPG FC) signed a Pro-Solutions professional operations partnership agreement with TUV Rheinland. Following the execution of the agreement, TUV Rheinland will, with SLC Management Consulting Co Ltd (SLC), jointly provide professional operations management services to SIPG FC. Guoyang Sui, General Manager of SIPG FC, Weimin Fang, Vice President of TUV Rheinland Systems Greater China and Alfons Madeja, Managing Director of SLC attended the agreement's signing ceremony.

Guoyang Sui, General Manager of SIPG FC and Weimin Fang, Vice President of TUV Rheinland Systems Greater China attended the agreement’s signing ceremony.
Guoyang Sui, General Manager of SIPG FC and Weimin Fang, Vice President of TUV Rheinland Systems Greater China attended the agreement’s signing ceremony.


Shanghai SIPG Football Club Signs a ‘Pro-Solutions’ Professional Operations Partnership Agreement with TUV Rheinland
Shanghai SIPG Football Club Signs a ‘Pro-Solutions’ Professional Operations Partnership Agreement with TUV Rheinland


The Operating Model of Chinese Football Clubs is about to be upgraded

The strong growth in China's football industry is to a large degree due to the spate of favourable policies announced by the Chinese government, not least the Medium- to Long-term Development Plan for Chinese Football. The industry is poised to undergo significant changes -- Chinese football clubs now face higher operational requirements -- and measures aimed at merely providing sporting venues and hosting competitions no longer meet the needs of sports fans. In this context, overall operations, financial health and modern management models are key factors in the success of local football clubs.

In a recent market survey of Chinese football club heads, sponsors, service providers and fans, TUV Rheinland found that the clubs are currently facing considerable challenges with respect to their service quality -- and that more than 90% of fans would be willing to pay for quality services. Thus, there is considerable room for revenue growth for Chinese football clubs as long as they enhance their service quality. It is pertinent that each Chinese football club has enormous commercial value, to the tune of tens of million Chinese yuan, in the form of facilities, and these resources can provide and support their competitiveness. A key issue for football clubs moving forward is how to ensure that their commercial operations and management provide excellent facilities and high-quality services that are consistent with international standards.

Using German experience and scientific concepts to help SIPG FC become a leading club

It is precisely in this context that TUV Rheinland and SLC come together to actively promote the standardisation of the operation and management of professional football clubs. Both TUV Rheinland and SLC have vast experience providing service quality audits for world-renowned football clubs such as Bayern Munich FC, and they are well versed in the operating models of sports clubs around the world. They have conducted in-depth academic studies and surveys of the Chinese market. Their collaboration with SIPG FC has formally opened a new chapter in the professional operations of Chinese football clubs.

Pursuant to the agreement, TUV Rheinland and SLC will collect feedback on service quality and service satisfaction through a combination of methods, including market surveys and undercover visitors; they will also audit SIPG FC's service outlets and thoroughly analyse the football club's existing operations. Then, TUV Rheinland will present SIPG FC with an overall operation improvement proposal. Specific recommendations will be given to help SIPG FC adjust its operating model, improve its facilities, enhance its service quality and develop its commercial potential. These changes will comprehensively improve the football club's service quality for its fans and stakeholders, optimise its cost control and create new revenue-growth channels. They will also enhance the football club's appeal and fan loyalty, thereby enabling the football club to achieve long-term, sustainable growth.

Guoyang Sui, General Manager of SIPG FC, said: "We are very pleased to reach the partnership agreement with TUV Rheinland and we hope to help the club embark on a better-designed path to professionalism with the support from TUV Rheinland. SIPG FC has been performing well for three consecutive seasons. Yet, since our goal is to build a century-old football club, we need to be more professional despite our good rankings. We are a young yet aspiring, positive and upbeat club. With the utmost sincerity, we would like to work with TUV Rheinland to keep abreast of the world in this area."

According to Weimin Fang, Vice President of TUV Rheinland Systems Greater China, "SIPG FC is an emerging football club, having grown rapidly in recent years. Not only has it had exceptional performance on the football field, it has also been able to establish within a short period of time, a professional and comprehensive club structure. One can see in every aspect of SIPG FC, its determination to become a top football club in China. TUV Rheinland will work closely with SIPG FC with regard to infrastructural facilities and service quality etc. to help the football club become a leader in China with the ultimate aim of becoming a top football club internationally".


SIPG FC was founded in 2005 by the Shanghai East Asia (Group) Co Ltd and Shanghai Genbao Football Club Base Co Ltd. It calls Shanghai Stadium its home.

About TUV Rheinland

The TUV Rheinland Group is world-renowned for its independent third-party inspection, testing and certification services. With over 140 years of experience, TUV Rheinland operates out of 69 subsidiaries and affiliates in five continents, employing over 19,600 workers worldwide. Together, they enable the Group to provide professional service support to customers on a global scale. TUV Rheinland provides management system services, such as professional integrated solutions based on established standards, and second-party audit services tailored to meet customers' needs for optimised certification. At present, TUV Rheinland can provide a variety of management system services for the sports industry including SQS service quality system certification and training and facility management certification. In cooperation with SLC, TUV Rheinland has also developed a global Pro-Solutions programme to provide Chinese football clubs and their shareholders with substantive recommendations regarding improvement of their infrastructural facilities and services.

About SLC Management Consulting Co Ltd

SLC is a well-known German sports consulting company. Founded more than 30 years ago, the company possesses vast experience in providing management consulting services for sports, recreational and cultural industries. Its mission is to provide professional strategies and services to customers and partners that will enable them to be at the forefront of their respective industries.

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