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TL Plastic Surgery Korea Facial Contouring Center introduces "Transparent Facial Contouring"

2017-04-12 09:00
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SEOUL, South Korea, April 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- TL Plastic Surgery Korea Facial Contouring Center introduces "TL Transparent Facial Contouring using Osteotrans for its increased fixation and strength." Osteotrans, made of combination of Hydroxy-Apatite (U-HA) and Poly-L Lactic Acid (PLLA), has the fixation strength of a titanium interference screw and the osteoconductive potential of bone (designed to promote the healing characteristic of the bone tunnel and graft)."

TL Plastic Surgery Transparent Facial Contouring
TL Plastic Surgery Transparent Facial Contouring

"It is safe to say, it will take full 3 months until the fractured bones are "in 1 piece" after patients' facial contouring surgery. You will have pins and screws for patients' zygoma reduction and t-osteotomy for the chin," said Dr. Jeemyung Kim, TLPS Korea Facial Contouring Center. "Titanium screws and plates were used to "connect" the bones together either during the first 3-6 months when osteosynthesis are completed and ready to be removed or can be utilized for a full lifetime. Titanium is the safest material to use and does not harm the human body. However, sometimes people are hesitant for various reasons, and until now, the idea of dissolvable screws being "less strong" or "less safe" had been considered as a fact; which it is not at all."

TLPS Korea Facial Contouring Center Dr. Sewoon Choi explains, "PLLA(Poly L-Lactic Acid) is a polymer/macromolecule that maintains its strength for a given period of time then dissolves to stimulate collagen creation leading to complete disassembly, leaving no tracks inside of a human body. HA (Hydroxylapatite) can be found in teeth and bones within the human body. Thus, it is commonly used as a filler to replace amputated bone or as a coating to promote bone ingrowth into prosthetic implants.

Dr. Sewoon Choi added, "This is suitable for those who hesitate to use metal/foreign objects inside of their body or want to have the pins and plates removed after a certain time. It is also suitable if you want to have a t-osteotomy but hesitated due to the use of the metal screws and plate or want to undergo facial contouring surgery in a discreet manner for various reasons, However, Transparent Facial Contouring using Osteotrans is a complex surgery. Therefore, it is essential to check the clinical experience of the medical staff involved and the safety system of the hospital."

TL Plastic Surgery Korea

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