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The New App, Ping An U-link, is Officially Launched by Ping An Xunke

2017-09-13 17:53

First "data flow supermarket" appears in Shenzhen's metro system

SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 13, 2017 /PR Newswire/ -- Ping An U-Link, the new intelligent internet access app from Ping An Xunke, was formally launched on September 10th. The launch of the app was widely promoted throughout the Shenzhen metro system and in WeChat Moments. Both the promotions, which took up much of the ad space in many of Shenzhen's subway cars, and the first in-metro "data flow supermarket" have drawn the attention of a large number of users.

Ping An U-Link makes connecting easier
Ping An U-Link makes connecting easier

The "Ping An U-Link" metro experience debuts in Shenzhen

Today, many of us has experienced insufficient data flow and a poor connection when using public WiFi. In this promotional event, Ping An U-Link installed advertisement inside the subway vehicles in a creative way. It quickly draws the public attention. Every subway vehicles are matched with different themes and humorous sentences. Some of the humorous speech are shown as below, "travelling without a good data connection is like wandering about aimlessly, with nowhere to go" and "waiting interminably for the delivery of one's take out order is like one sadly waiting until one finds the next available WiFi connection". The messages can be spotted everywhere inside the various entertainment, games, food, travel, online shopping and social networking-themed subway vehicles. Many internet users claimed in their WeChat Moments that "the messages certainly expressed our heartfelt wishes and feelings". In the meanwhile, a QR code is offered to audience to scan and receive 5G data as gifts. Clearly, the scenario-based promotion and the gift offering of Ping An U-Link's data reflect the firm's main goal - "making connecting easier".

It is the first "data flow supermarket" to be launched within a metro system

The first "data flow supermarket" was launched by Ping An U-Link in the Shenzhen Shopping Park Metro Station and it was expressly conspicuous. Along a lengthy stretch of the wall in the tunnel connecting the two metro lines that intersect at the station, Ping An U-Link mounted thousands of data flow magnets allowing passers-by to scan the QR code shown on the magnet and get the data flow. These days, the need for a connection anytime, anywhere, is second only to life's basic necessities, and a fast and stable network connection is something that the average digital citizen has come to expect as part of the normal course of things. With Chinese cities continuously expanding, and public transportation networks becoming more and more convenient, people are traveling over wider distances as a matter of course, and are using public transportation to do so. In public areas without a WiFi connection, Ping An's data flow solution will become an important connection point for people on the go. Anyone who scan the QR code and download the Ping An U-Link App will receive 5G Ping An data for free. The service launched by Ping An U-Link is expected to cost-effectively solve the issue of poor internet connections in public spaces and achieve the goal of seamless network connection.

The combination of an intelligent connection and dynamically generated revenue creates a new internet surfing experience

The high-profile debut of Ping An U-Link piqued the curiosity of internet users and made them wonder about the true advantages of the new app. As an intelligent internet access app, Ping An U-Link brings the user in contact with over 100 million WiFi hotspots around the world complemented Ping An Data's fully secure environment, allowing users to switch among networks seamlessly. In addition, the unique four-in-one security engine delivers the same level of security deployed by banks and financial institutions when interacting with the internet, while the one-button connection feature allows users to easily establish an internet connection.

With Ping An U-Link's dynamically generated revenue feature coming soon, users will have the opportunity to derive some real monetary gain when they connect to the internet via the app, and this feature is sure to transform user behavior in line with their ability to maximize the amount of money earned. In addition to enhancing user engagement, open rate and time spent on the app, users will likely prefer connecting to the internet using the app's single button feature.

Overall, Ping An U-Link put efforts on creating interesting ways of advertising using metro posters, interesting messaging, and the interactive data flow supermarket to attract the audience especially the youth market segment. More importantly, many well-known companies including, Qingting FM, NetEase, Ziroomer and Shenzhen Airlines have been involved in the campaign to celebrate for the establishment of Ping An U-Link. Recently, Ping An U-Link has launched a promotional event called "Connect to WiFi everyday, you will receive free data". In other words, once the new users register, they will receive up to 5G Ping An data for free.

Shenzhen Ping An Xunke Technology, a holding company of China Ping An Group, received a 550 million yuan (approx. US$84 million) investment from Kuang-Chi Group on March 1, 2017. With the mission of becoming China's No.1 intelligent network operator, the company adopted a business model based on fusing communications with finance, and supporting the model with a wide range of products, including Ping An WiFi, Ping An U-Link, the in-vehicle WiFi app and Ping An MiFi, and more.

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Source: Ping An Xunke

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