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ZTEsoft Unveils ZSmart 9 BSS at TM Forum Live! 2017

2017-05-16 17:46
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NICE, France, May 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- ZTEsoft has unveiled its ZSmart 9 business support system (BSS), an end-to-end, cloud-native, experience-oriented and platform-based business model enabling BSS suite that aims to help communication service providers (CSPs) materialise digital transformation.

The proliferation of digital services and the rise of digital channels have not only increased service complexity, but also set a new standard for customer experience expectations. The ZSmart 9 BSS is designed for CSPs to survive and thrive in this digital age, where new technology and concepts are incorporated to provide the best time to market (TTM) for new services, driven by DevOps research and development (R&D) methods as well as smart maintenance on the cloud.

With the latest iteration of ZSmart 9 BSS, CSPs can realise:

  • Parallel deployment of multiple software releases in production
  • Fully automated scaling that adapts to traffic fluctuation
  • Omni-channel customer interaction capability, including social media & instant messenger (IM) platforms to deliver a personal, consistent customer experience across different touch-points
  • Unified product catalogue for legacy services as well as 3rd party digital services
  • API-based data & capability monetisation

ZSmart 9 charging - complete separation of application & data, stateless charging node

ZSmart 9 charging promises the flexibility, elasticity and scalability CSPs have been longing for from their charging platform. The charging application is completely separated from profile and balance data to fully materialise cloud deployment benefits. All charging application instances will be completely stateless, guaranteeing scaling without impacting service availability; while clustered profile and balance data ensures performance under the highest concurrency scenarios.

ZSmart 9 billing - continuous billing, real-time postpaid

The premium segment deserves the best service experience to bring real-time experience to postpaid customers. In ZSmart 9 billing, a miniature bill run is initiated upon arrival of each call detail record (CDR), instead of performing a bill run at the end of a billing cycle. This enables real-time notification, credit control, updated accumulators, policy and charging control (PCC), etc. The operation team would also appreciate the extra leeway to rectify any errors before the end of the billing cycle.

ZSmart 9 CRM - insight-driven operations, platform based business model enabler

ZSmart 9 CRM helps CSPs magnify the value of insights and apply these in digital service scenarios. With unified product catalogues, order-to-bill of legacy as well as 3rd party products and services are guaranteed, paving the way for partner value fabrics.

"ZSmart 9 BSS is the first platform-based BSS solution designed to address the challenges and opportunities of a future digital telco. It can help CSPs embrace new business models, improve customer experience and also optimise and reduce infrastructure costs in the digital era," commented Steven Cao, VP of ZSmart BSS Strategy & Planning, ZTEsoft.

About ZTEsoft

ZTEsoft is a leading operational technology software provider specialized in offering end-to-end BSS/OSS solutions and services to global telecom operators, and Smart Cities and IoT solutions to enterprises and governments. For more information, please visit

Source: ZTEsoft
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