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Joy in America: Exploring Route 66 Reality Show

2014-06-25 03:50

LOS ANGELES, June 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Beauty Media Inc. and ICN TV Network jointly launch their co-produced "Joy in America: Exploring Route 66 Reality Show" on July 16th! The program will be aired on the websites of both co-producers.

Known as the Mother Road, Route 66 runs from Chicago, Illinois, through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona before ending in Santa Monica, California. It has become an epitome of American history and culture.

During the 15 day period from July 16th to July 30th, ICN, together with selected experts from various fields, will take a cruise down the historic road that signified freedom and the fulfillment of a dream. We expect the show to initiate a new trend in the travel television industry in both the U.S and China. The high-profile program is on tap to receive extensive coverage:

Mainstream media will report from both China and the U.S providing wide, influential coverage.

Our reality show will receive wide coverage by well-known mainstream media in both China and the U.S, including ICN International Television, CCTV Journey of Discovery channel, China Southern Airlines Cultural Media Limited Co., Youku Video, and Tencent Video. Together these channels provide the most up-to-date reporting and a full range of advertising options.

Five programs with American cultural themes form the package bringing a real-life experience and in-depth exploration of a new culture to the viewers.

During the program, you will not only get to glimpse the most extraordinary natural scenery, but also partake in cultural events. (1) On the 4,000-foot glass bridge skywalk near Grand Canyon West, you will witness the most romantic wedding of the century. (2) On Bonfire Night you will be introduced to the ancient and mysterious Navajo tribe at Navajo Tribal Park, the largest Native American tribe in the United States. (3) The Cadillac Doodle Contest, taking place in Cadillac Manor, will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your artistic creativity on the 10 Cadillac vehicles awaiting you on Route 66. (4) You will get a chance to win the eating competition among Western cowboys by finishing a 72-ounce steak within an hour at the 50-year-old steak restaurant resplendent with history located on Route 66. (5) You will also visit the Budweiser headquarters in St. Louis, take a tour of the beer-brewing process, participate in a wine-tasting, and then join a cocktail party on the world famous beer brewer's premises.

A video clip, a photo album, a poem and a short story -- a collection of precious memories.

While taking in nature and the local culture along the way, we offer every one in the group room for creativity. You can include the beautiful landscapes and keep a priceless memento of your adventure in your camera or, if you choose to keep write a poem or a story, in your diary. ICN TV Network will then collect those priceless works and create an album for display and for your collection.

Spreading the news via multiple formats throughout the journey -- Close-ups and follow-ups.

The entire "Exploring Route 66" event will be broadcast live on ICN TV Network, Youku video and Tennant video. Through these media channels, the audience will be able to get the story first-hand and share all our beautiful moments along the way. A five-minute news segment is scheduled as a feature report on ICN's daily news show and will track the day's main events, while a more detailed "Exploring Route 66 Reality Show" feature program will become available for viewing online shortly after the journey ends.

"Joy in America: Exploring Route 66 Reality Show" is an all-American experience. What problems await Chinese drivers taking the wheel for the first time in the U.S? What wonders do we expect to see during the journey? What will happen as Chinese and American cultures collide? Please stay tuned for "Joy in America: Exploring Route 66 Reality Show" by ICN TV Network!

Source: ICN TV Network
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