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Tujia COO Yang Changle: Home sharing complements hotels and offers diverse experience

2017-09-11 11:40

BEIJING, Sept. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 8 2017, the BRICS Forum on Sharing Economy was held at Grand Hyatt Beijing. Yang Changle, COO of Tujia, was invited to talk about the company's achievements in promoting home sharing. He discussed the future of the sharing economy with Jiang Qiping, Secretariat of Center for Information Study at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Li Jianhua, Chief Development Officer of Didi Chuxing, Markus Villig, South Africa's Taxify Founder and CEO, and Magnus Olsson, Middle East's Careem Co-founder.

Tujia COO Yang Changle
Tujia COO Yang Changle

He began by introducing Tujia: "As the only home sharing unicorn in China, Tujia boasts the highest valuation, the widest homeowner network and the largest user base among all competitors. Last year we acquired Mayi and the home sharing business of Ctrip and Qunar. Now we are widely regarded as a frontrunner in the sharing economy, leading the lodging business in China." That's why we are optimistic about the future of the sharing economy and motivated to innovate to play a leading role in China's lodging industry.

When asked about the cooperative-yet-competitive relationship between home sharing and the traditional hotel business, Mr. Yang responded: "the relationship is more complementary than competitive. Compared with traditional hotels that are centrally managed, shared accommodation fits better with family trip and group travel scenarios and offer occupants more diverse experiences. The spacious layout and the home-like amenities set-up of shared accommodation truly make travelers feel at home."

Worries about security were also expressed at the meeting. According to Yang Changle, big data and the Internet of things have cleared the path for identity authentication and credit management. Through continuous improvement of core technologies, Tujia can provide more services to homeowners and renters and better protect their interests. Its current priority is to enhance the driving role of big data and technological innovations. According to the pace setter in China's home sharing industry, the future of the sharing economy lies in continuous innovation.

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