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Wuyuan: The Ancient Village In China That Brings Back Feelings of Nostalgia for One's Own Hometown

2014-06-25 15:46

WUYUAN, China, June 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The town of Wuyuan in China's Jiangxi province recently released a new version of Nostalgia, a short film shown on CCTV's China News program promoting tourism to the heritage-rich town. Pastoral scenes evoking a sense of longing for one's home town give new meaning to Wuyuan's rural tourism development, which regards ancient villages and pastoral scenes as core resources.

The Beautiful Scenery of Wuyuan, China

Rural tourism in Wuyuan has been seeing rapid development in recent years. One of the emerging popular tourist attractions in China is Jiangwan, a famous scenic spot in Wuyuan which is a representative of what the ancient town has to offer. To protect the village ecology and preserve the village as it should be remembered, the development and build out of Wuyuan's rural tourism has closely adhered to the principle of restoring the existing buildings and the surrounding landscape to as they were in ancient times, and maintaining the same look and feel of the ancient architecture in the construction of any new buildings. By doing so, to the maximum degree possible, the original texture of the streets and lanes as well as the buildings that align them is being preserved.

If the ancient architecture constitutes the physical history of the village, the customs and cultural forms that have been handed down from generation to generation and continue to be preserved by the local inhabitants are the living history. From the very beginning, the development of Wuyuan's rural tourism focused on discovering and preserving the village's living cultural forms, including Nuo dance, Anhui Opera, dragon tail ink stone, three Hui carvings, the Taige dance performance, paste tofu and the village's unique kind of paper lantern.

Everyone somewhere in their heart retains a feeling of nostalgia and of preserving a memory of their hometown. Wuyuan's tourism officials - the keepers responsible for the rural culture that they have inherited - strive to retain the heritage and memory of the ancient village, while transforming Wuyuan into the hometown that anyone can visit and fulfill that lost sense of nostalgia and memory of one's own hometown.


Source: Jiangxi Wuyuan Tourism Co., Ltd.

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