Hyundai Motor Company Enhances Global Presence with PR Newswire’s Communications Solutions

Find out how Hyundai Motor Company widened the global audience reach of its press releases through PR Newswire’s news distribution network and dedicated local team support.

Hyundai Motor Company is one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers with a presence in over 200 countries. In recent years, the company’s PR team has been expanding rapidly to manage a growing list of global communications requirements from its various business domains. As a leading smart mobility solution provider, Hyundai Motor Company’s press releases cover diverse areas such as technology, research and development, and CSR.

To maintain a high standard of corporate communications and pace of technology news announcements, the company was looking for a news distribution partner that could broaden the international reach of its news and provide insightful analysis of the media coverage.

Hyundai Motor Company utilized PR Newswire’s expertise to distribute more than 50 press releases from 2019 to 2020.

Get this case study to find out how PR Newswire help Hyundai Motor Company to

  • Expand the global reach of its corporate news to audiences and journalists
  • Execute PR campaigns swiftly with the support of a dedicated local team
  • Drive audience engagement through photos, videos and online resources – all housed in Multimedia News Releases

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