2020 State of the Press Release

New Data Reveals Press Release Best Practices

While press releases have always played a large role in the world of communications, the way PR professionals (and the media!) use them has evolved. Keeping up with press releases in an ever-changing environment can be challenging, so we wanted to uncover insights and tips to help.

Cision's PR Newswire analyzed more than 100,000 press releases, crunched some numbers, and we're excited to share the results with you.


  • Key insights to increase performance: Find out when the best time to send a press release is and if you should include multimedia
  • How to boost coverage: See which press releases result in the most media coverage and learn how to apply these findings to your releases
  • The impact COVID-19 had on the press release: It's no question the media landscape has been affected by COVID-19, but what has it done to the world of press releases?
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