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China Online and Social Media Monitoring (CMM)

China Online and Social Media Monitoring (CMM) is an exclusive PR Newswire product that provides real-time online feedback monitoring data and standardized analysis which can be further refined and used for analytics comparison. Features includedaily or weekly generation of periodic reports, export into PDF format for sharing as well as keyword-based sentiment analysis. To set up a trial, please visit the CMM homepage

China Online and Social Media Monitoring

CMM Product/service concept: CAMERA

From intelligent collection to multidimensional analysis, companies can undertake aquantitative evaluationofthe effectiveness of their communication effortsthrough the online CMM platform, allowing them tolearn about and deal with potential risks in a timely manneras well asadjust newsrelease content and brand communication strategies. Compared with other monitoring products or services on the market, CMM features:

More extensive monitoring coverage and more intelligent technologies:

  • Coverage across all media types: online news, Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, WeChatpublic accounts, online versions of print media, forums, blogs, Q&As, and video portals.
  • Accurate and unique keyword setting, supporting filtering of complex logical relations and natural context as well assemantic analysis from the underlying layer, providingautomated delivery of preciseresults.

China Online and Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring Coverage

China Online and Social Media Monitoring

Semantic analysis

Enhanced professional interface for statistical analysis that is more suitable for corporate PR and communications

  • A “deep dive” analysis of the data not available with any similar product on the market that looks at corporate communications, generating rankings by media type,geography and level of influence and providing companies with what is needed to evaluate the effectiveness of a communications effort quantitatively.
  • Standard, multidimensional, digital and visual data analysis platform allows for comparison and analysis of multiplebrands and events.

China Online and Social Media Monitoring

Comparison of multiple topics

China Online and Social Media Monitoring

Multidimensional statistics and analysis

More customized reporting and alerting

  • Customized notification upon identification of negative information and 24/7 crisis alerting. Clients can customize for negative and sensitive words and terms unique to one’s industry, providing effective results regardless of the line of business.
  • The highly customized reporting system enables differentiated delivery of reports to each department, allowing each recipient to individually customize what they receive. As a web-based tool, it requires no installation andallowsmultiple users to log in simultaneously.

China Online and Social Media Monitoring

Illustration of an alert delivered by email

China Online and Social Media Monitoring

Illustration of systematic weekly report

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