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Global Media Monitoring

PR Newswire’s Global Media Monitoring is a comprehensive media monitoring and analysis service that monitors public opinion about your brand and competitors, as well as the hot topics and what’s trending in your industryin real time by comprehensively monitoring print, online and social media with delineation by geography and language worldwide, allowing you to effectively evaluate the effectiveness of your corporate communications and of your brand globally through highly customized reporting and capture of thelatest information and statistical analyses.


  • Comprehensive analysis of opinions about your brand on traditional and social media platforms

    Finds the most frequently mentioned topics and terms usedin discussions aboutyour brand, industry and competitors, and see the feedback classified bypositive, neutral or negative in reports generated in real time. The reportingprovidesa timelyearly warning if negative information is found.

  • Accurate coverage of the most influential social and traditional media channels.

    Focuses on media resources and social media that are the most influential to your industry, and filters out unnecessary voices.

  • Influence analysis

    PR Newswire provides an Authority Score for every media outlet and social media commentator, allowing clients to judge how well-known each one is by the general public or by industry peers as well as their level of influence.

  • Audience demographics and spheres of influence

    The system can provide information about the gender, age and local authoritativeness of an audience group who is discussing a brand or an event.

  • Seamless contact and interaction with audiences

    Alerts you about content that is currently under discussion and the relevant feedback. Real-time focus on comments, posts and tweets in addition to direct online interaction with the most popular social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) through the platform, providing you with timely alerting so that the negative message can be replied to and countered before it becomes a trend.

  • Customized analysis and reporting

    The service enables a multidimensional statistical analysis based on region, language, gender and media type, and is capable of generating a wide range of charts in CSV, graph and pie graph formats. Customized reports and charts can be created and shared with other users, with the capability of freely combining graphical output and annotated texts to create customized presentations for individual recipients, including both qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Share Your Message through the Industry’s Largest Network

Distribute news releases and multimedia content – videos, photos, infographics – to more media sources via PR Newswire. Our industry-leading network was recently analyzed by a leading professional services firm and found to help clients achieve superior media pick up and greater visibility on major news and media sites.

  • Connect to more contacts, websites, blogs, social channels, and industry, photo, video sites.
  • Foster immediate engagement with individual or multiple sources – reporters, bloggers, social influencers – via email or social channels.


  • 50,000 online news sites
  • 40 million blogs
  • 5 million forums
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Video platforms including YouTube and Flickr
  • Captions accompanying photos and multimedia distributed by major print media, magazines and television networks
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