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From time to time we organize events that bring together journalists and communication professionals to discuss topics of interest. Open forum discussions and Q&A sessions allow participants to gain valuable insight into how journalists work and what subject areas or news topics they are currently covering.

To speak at our event or suggest a topic, please contact us.

FAQs for Journalists & Media

Did you know?

PR Newswire for Journalists was awarded two prestigious CODiE Awards: Best Online News Service and Best Online Business Information Service: non-News. The CODiE Awards, sponsored by the prestigious Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) recognize outstanding products and services in the software, digital content and education technology industries.

PR Newswire was the only commercial newswire to be honored by the 2006 CODiE Awards.

Questions regarding receiving PR Newswire’s press releases:

Can we pick categories when receiving your press releases?
Yes, you could choose one or more industry categories.

Some of the press releases I received from PR Newswire are not directly related to my interest, why they are being sent to me?
Our press releases are themed according to the overall content. For example, if a press release talks about Interior Design, Building/Construction, Architecture, Property Investment, Household Products, Commercial Real Estate or Residential Real Estate, then the release will be themed & distributed to journalists & media outlets who have subscribed to receive our Property releases. Even though your main focus is merely on Interior Design, you will still receive all the above mentioned topics because you have subscribed to receive our Property releases.

Where do these press releases come from?
Our releases are coming from our clients ranging from multinational corporations, listed companies and some SMEs globally.

Questions regarding publishing PR Newswire’s content:

If I want to publish PR Newswire’s content onto my website/blog, do I have to pay?

Can I have a customized newsfeed so that I would be able to receive any particular industry, in terms of language and region?
PR Newswire’s RSS feeds are listed here. However, you could also get in touch with our team so that we could work with you on the Widget to build a more targeted and customized feed.

How many press releases do we get per day?
This depends on which industry and region you are interested in. Typically, we would have around 30 to 50 English releases in total from the Asia region.

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