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Basic procedure

Q. Flow Chart?

Step 1 - Enquiry
Communicate with "PR Newswire Representative".

Step 2 - Account set up and prepayment
Fill in account registration form.
prepayment is required for first time users.
in cases of distribution on behalf of 3rd party, authorization is required.

Step 3 - Press release submission
Submit press release online through our APAC Portal.

Step 4 - Revision and approval
Our editors will format the release before distirbution.

Step 5 - Distribution and reporting
You can check the report status on APAC Portal after 2 hours of release distribution.

Before account set up

Q. It is my first time to use PR Newswire’s service. What do I need to do?

A: Clients will have to fill out an account registration form to set up an account with us. You can reach out to our account managers or hkcs@prnasia.com to get the form.

Q. Apart from account registration, what other information should I provide?

A: PR Newswire will need to know the release word count, the distribution circuit(s), and the date and time of distribution.

Q. What is the cost of distribution?

A: Please communicate with your account manager to get the exact quotation. Kindly note that prepayment is required for first time users.

Q. Will there be any reports after release distribution? Is it complimentary?

A: We have included a complimentary report in our release distribution services. Clients can check the report status on our APAC Portal system 2 hours after release distribution.

Before submitting release

Q. How do I submit a press release?

A: You can submit press releases online through PR Newswire Asia’s release system - APAC Portal: https://portal.prnasia.com/

Please note: this Asia Portal URL is different from the US client Portal.

Q. How do I register on the APAC Portal?

A: After your account has been set up, you will receive an APAC Portal activation email from our client relations team. You can simply click on the activation link to get on board.

Q. Who can submit press releases to PR Newswire?

A: To protect the privacy of your company and/or your clients, we only accept releases from individuals who have been authorized. We do not accept any releases from individuals who are not listed under your account profile as authorized senders. It is incumbent upon company to keep this list up-to-date. This procedure guarantees the security of your corporate communications.

Q. What are the normal working hours of PR Newswire Asia’s Editorial Team?

A: The editorial team's working hours are from Monday 6:30 AM to Saturday 6:00 AM BJT.

Q. Besides weekdays, can I send out my release during holidays or weekends?

A: Yes, you can. Depending on the distribution region, weekend surcharge may be applied if you need assistance from our stand-by editors during holidays or weekends. This editorial assistance includes processing, revising or distributing a release. Please consult your account manager for details.

After submitting release

Q. What are the processes involved after I have submitted a release through the APAC Portal?

Step 1 - Submitting release on Portal
Editors will contact clients for release details after receiving press release.

Step 2 - Receiving Confirmation Email
Our editor will start formatting the release. You will receive a confirmation email with reference number.

Step 3 - Checking and confirming before distribution (Optional)
You can review the formatted release on Portal. If any necessary changes are needed, please contact our editors by email or on phone.

Step 4 - Approving formatted release
The formatted release will be sent to you for final approval.

Q. Do I have to approve the news release before distribution?

A: It is optional. You can specify if you need final approval for the formatted release before distribution.

Q. Can I distribute photos and what are the specific requirements if I decide to do so?

A: Yes, you can. Photos should be accompanied by captions of no more than 256 Chinese characters or 512 English characters (including spaces). For the specific requirements, news photos are preferably provided in JPG format with a minimum of 1,024 pixels in one direction, while photos meant for print media will require 2,700 pixels.

Q. Can I indicate any special instructions on APAC Portal?

A: Yes, you can. If there is anything specific that has not been included through the selection on the APAC Portal, you may address it with our editors under the “special instructions” field. Our editor shall follow up with you accordingly.

Q. What is the standard turnaround time for the formatted version(s) of my release(s)?

A: Depending on the complexity of the order, turnaround time of formatted releases may vary. Usually, formatted release(s) will be ready for approval / distribution within 1-2 hours after submission.

Q. What is the standard turnaround time for local language translations?

A: The standard turnaround time for Western Europe and Latin American translations would be 1 business day per 800 words. For other translations, standard turnaround time would be 2 business days per 800 words. If you would like to distribute a release simultaneously in all time zones in their respective local languages, please send the release to our editorial team three days prior to the desired clear time, so that we have adequate time for the multilingual translation.

Q. How long does it take to receive the report after distribution?

A: For APAC distributions, the completed report will be ready 2 business days after the last translated language is distributed. Clients may also check our APAC Portal 2 hours after release distribution for reports that are in progress.

For U.S. or Europe-bound releases, clients will receive an automated Visibility Report after your release is distributed at the following time intervals: 2 hours, 2 days, 5 days and 30 days.

Q. Did you know?

PR Newswire for Journalists was awarded two prestigious CODiE Awards: Best Online News Service and Best Online Business Information Service: non-News. The CODiE Awards, sponsored by the prestigious Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) recognize outstanding products and services in the software, digital content and education technology industries.

PR Newswire was the only commercial newswire to be honored by the 2006 CODiE Awards.

Q. Can we pick categories when receiving your press releases?

Yes, you could choose one or more industry categories.

Q. Some of the press releases I received from PR Newswire are not directly related to my interest, why they are being sent to me?

Our press releases are themed according to the overall content. For example, if a press release talks about Interior Design, Building/Construction, Architecture, Property Investment, Household Products, Commercial Real Estate or Residential Real Estate, then the release will be themed & distributed to journalists & media outlets who have subscribed to receive our Property releases. Even though your main focus is merely on Interior Design, you will still receive all the above mentioned topics because you have subscribed to receive our Property releases.

Q. Where do these press releases come from?

Our releases are coming from our clients ranging from multinational corporations, listed companies and some SMEs globally.

Q. If I want to publish PR Newswire’s content onto my website/blog, do I have to pay?


Q. Can I have a customized newsfeed so that I would be able to receive any particular industry, in terms of language and region?

PR Newswire’s RSS feeds are listed here. However, you could also get in touch with our team so that we could work with you on the Widget to build a more targeted and customized feed.

Q. How many press releases do we get per day?

This depends on which industry and region you are interested in. Typically, we would have around 30 to 50 English releases in total from the Asia region.