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Engagement is a conversation. As a business, you are using your content to say something, and your audience is responding through their interaction. The use of video, images, dedicated websites and social networks have proven to increase engagement when utilized as part of a communications strategy.

Boost Message Engagement Through Multimedia

Including multimedia in communications is directly linked to an increased level of credibility and interaction. In addition messages that contain images and video reach larger audiences and have a higher likelihood of being shared via social channels.

With PR Newswire, you can:

  • Add images, related documents and/or video to a press release
  • Combine multimedia assets into one comprehensive distribution
  • Utilize our photography and production services to create multimedia content
  • Allow audiences to easily share content via social media applications
  • Access your multimedia assets on a single page and make them available for download by journalists and key influencers

Reduce Your Communication Costs Through Webcasting

With the development of Internet and multimedia technology, webcasts have become one of the most efficient communications tools that can send and share high quality video, PowerPoint presentations and other documents. PR Newswire's webcasting services help you customize mini-sites or pages with rich interactive features, allowing your audience to view from wherever they have Internet access. Webcasting is a low cost, highly effective solution to improve your communications strategy.

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Get Found:Content Optimization

Optimizing content with the right keywords is what allows searchers and search engines to find what they are looking for. By using SEO and XHTML in your communications, your message will be more likely to be found online,interacted with and shared. Reciprocally, this increased engagement will improve search engine rankings for your content.

With PR Newswire, you can:

  • Identify relevant keywords and phrases through our content optimization tool
  • Promote content and campaigns via social media tabs and encourage your readers to share and upload
  • Increase media pick-up through enhanced reading experience by XHTML; Increase SE ranking through linking to company website

Get Shared:Social Media Sharing

Microblogs (Weibo, Twitter, etc.) have become one of the most popular and influential social media platforms out there, and PR Newswire's social media offerings give you the chance to expand your reach through our extensive range of followers, including general consumers, journalists and PR professionals. Share your story with these influencers and ensure you hit the right note.

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