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News release distribution and investor communication services for public companies

Investor relations and communications services for public companies combine the delivery of financial and marketing information with compliance and allow clients to remain direct communication with potential and existing investors as well as with financial media organizations. Effective communication over the long term can serve to:

  • Increase and enhance investor awareness and understanding of public companies
  • Improve corporate brand and reputation
  • Increase the perception of the value delivered by the company as well as stock liquidity
  • Enhance investor confidence and loyalty to the company, and recognition of the company’s efforts to maximize value for the shareholder.

In light of the turbulence in capital markets in recent years, public companies find themselves facing new challenges and pressures in terms of complying with regulatory requirements, gaining investor confidence and improving stock liquidity.

Thorough and timely communication with increasingly cautious investors in an increasingly mature and tightly regulated market helps public companies demonstrate their investment value to investors. An ever growing number of public companies are proactively seeking better investor communication solutions that:

  • Proactively adhere to best practices in terms of investor communications
  • Select authorized distribution channels recognized by regulatory, investment and media institutions
  • Widely distribute the information to institutional investors and media organizations rapidly and effectively.
  • Seek the most convenient and effective methods for reaching retail investors
  • Leverage the internet, mobile and new media to help optimize corporate brand and enhance corporate value

PR Newswire - a global leader in facilitating communication with investors

  • One of the world’s best investor relations and communications service providers that has introduced state-of-the-art investor communications to China
  • Recognized by major stock exchanges including NYSE and NASDAQ as well as the London, Toronto and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges
  • The first choice partner for major investor relations firms worldwide
  • Partner of leading financial applications and databases including Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Bigdough, Factiva, (雪球), (金融界), and Hithink RoyalFlush Information Network (同花顺), etc
  • Source for leading international financial media organizations
  • 24/7 customer support backed by an efficient Chinese-English editing team

We provide investor relations and communications tools:

News Release Distribution for Publicly Listed Companies

News release distribution

PR Newswire, with its extensive, specialized financial media and audience distribution network, provides news distribution services targeting the China, US, and HK markets to companies listed on the mainland China A-share/the new three board market as well as the Hong Kong and US stock markets, delivering those companies’ key information, both financial and non-financial, to professional financial and securities media outlets in a timely manner that enables shareholders and potential investors to make informed investment decisions.

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Conference Call and Webcasting

News release distribution

Teleconference and webcasting are cost-effective ways of conducting internal and external communications. With the continuing improvement in internet and multimedia technology, teleconference and webcasting has become one of the most efficient and effective communications tools available. PR Newswire's teleconference and webcasting services help you deliver your financial results, in-house trainings, press conferences and executive interviews in an engaging and informative setting.

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China Media Monitoring (CMM)

News release distribution

China Media Monitoring (CMM) Service collects real-time media monitoring data and provides in-depth analysis from multiple angles, such as media buzz volume, regional distribution, media coverage and competitors comparison. Systematic report, which includes daily report, weekly report, monthly report and negative alerts, could be set to send at any required time. The reports as well as exporting and sharing functions assist our clients to keep abreast of the topics on the basis of the keywords they have set. According to the real-time data and analysis report from CMM platform, clients are able to recognize potential crises, manage the public opinions of brands and leaders before and after the company listing, and adjust the content and brand communication strategies.

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Roadshow Promotion Videos and Time Square Distribution

News release distribution

Customized roadshow promotion videos meant to surface the listed company's unique selling points while taking into account the viewing preferences of global investors. In addition to roadshows, video content can be delivered to wide audiences through PR Newswire’s news distribution channels.

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Service for US Listed Companies

News release distribution

PR Newswire’s series of tools ensure that your information is disclosed and distributed to your desired audience in an accurate and timely manner under SEC regulations, whether in pre-transaction, during transaction or post-transaction.

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