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News Release Distribution for Publicly Listed Companies


China Distribution – Reaching the Widest Range of Chinese Investor Groups

--Rely on the news source channel most trusted by Chinese investors to disseminate your listed company’s news and information

--Deliver your information to the widest range of Chinese investor groups

PR Newswire, with its extensive, specialized financial media and audience distribution network, provides news distribution services targeting the Chinese market to companies listed on the mainland China A-share/the new third board market as well as the Hong Kong and US stock markets, delivering those companies’ key information, both financial and non-financial, to professional financial and securities media outlets in a timely manner that enables shareholders and potential investors to make informed investment decisions.

  • Helping companies listed on mainland China’s A-share market and the new third board effectively disseminate their corporate information and enhance their brand awareness in the capital market.
  • News release distribution in China provides an additional channel for those listed in overseas markets, including Hong Kong and the US, to communicate with mainland Chinese investors, and enhance the level of confidence of this group of investors.

According to the Brunswick’s 5th Global Investor Survey available at, about 76 percent of respondents indicated that first-hand information from listed companies plays a dominant role in investment decisions.

PR Newswire offers the following advantages in terms of news release distribution in China for listed companies:

  • Accurate news release distribution to highly relevant, professional financial and securities media outlets as well as investor groups through an integrated communications channel
  • 300+ professional financial and securities media outlets and websites, over 3,000 professional financial journalists
  • 1,300+ comprehensive financial media and website channels
  • Financial information services trusted and widely used by institutional investors, including (雪球), Hithink RoyalFlush Information Network (同花顺), TigerBrokers (老虎证券),Bloomberg, and Factiva, a Dow Jones company.
  • Over 40 mainstream mobile news clients and social networks reaching millions of potential consumers and investors
  • High search engine visibility that allows investors to search news content picked up and reported on by authoritative media outlets that focus on listed companies.
  • PR Newswire Asia website’s news channel for listed companies boasts 7 million visitors annually

PR Newswire’s financial-related Media Distribution Network in China:

US Distribution – The Preferred Channel for Listed Companies to Disclose Information and to Attract Investors

US1 Nationwide News Release Distribution
  • PR Newswire’s most extensive news release distribution service in the US
  • Enhance the brand awareness in international financial markets
  • Build an open and transparent brand image in international financial markets
  • Attract more institutional investors
PR Newswire offers the following advantages in terms of news release distribution across the US:
  • 5,000+ general media points across North America, including many authoritative and financial media outlets, such as Yahoo! Finance, Dow Jones, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, NASDAQ, Bloomberg Business Week, and Google News
  • 5,400+ online databases and websites
  • 130,000 journalists registered with PR Newswire’s journalist-only website
Specialized line for US investors - Capital Market Visibility

Capital Market Visibility (CMV) integrates the world’s leading BigDough database, which, through point-to-point dissemination, allows your corporate information to rapidly reach the target audience including buy-side analysts and fund managers, and further improves communication and amplifies the message by distributing your information to a wide range of media and financial websites that have long been key sources of information for legions of institutional investors.

Distribution in Hong Kong

PR Newswire’s distribution network in Hong Kong reaches more than 1,900 journalists and editors, and is the dissemination channel of choice for companies listed in Hong Kong:

  • 900+ media outlets, including 120+ business media, 130+ finance and investment media and 150+ travel &tourism media.
  • 250+ websites including the major web portals, regional news portals and financial websites, such as Yahoo! Finance, MorningStar Asia Hong Kong, China Money Network, Quamnet, Finet, SCMP’s Education Post and etc. Major financial information terminals include Reuters, Dow Jones and Bloomberg.
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