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Mainland China ProfNet

PR Newswire’s ProfNet service connects journalists with experts, allowing reporters to use those experts’ opinions as quotations in their own stories, promoting the clients’ organization. The client can review requests from journalists with detailed topic and contact information, as well as choose to respond when there’s a fit. Weekly, the ProfNet service delivers queries from 800 to 1,000 to 14,000 information officers from 7,000 organizations in North America and Europe. The Chinese ProfNet service was launched in early 2007.

Features – English ProfNet

  • ProfNet Search:
    When a client signs up for the ProfNet search feed, they’re registering to receive queries from reporters looking for experts. Choose from nearly 100 industry and academic segments to receive only those that apply to a relevant industry or focus. This allows journalists to access the memory and judgment of thousands of human information points. Information officers like it because they can scan and potentially contribute to hundreds of stories in the works each week.
  • ProfNet Database
    Catalog experts for easy access by journalists. Profile them in multiple languages, include photos and web links and have the option of disclosing or concealing their contact information. Information officers create and manage their own expert profiles, and five profiles are included in each ProfNet Search membership. Journalists search the database to find experts in the particular field they are covering (or send a query to the entire set using ProfNet Search).
  • ProfNet Leads
    Alert journalists about timely topics registered experts can address. A proactive weekly tipsheet called ProfNet Leads sends experts’ comments to journalists three times a day. These leads are archived and may also be searched by journalists looking for commentary on developing stories and breaking news. Every lead links to a profile in the database.

    * For more information, please check ProfNet website

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