weTouch survey suggest ways to change single status

2017-09-28 10:45 1060

BANGKOK, Sept. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- For people that want to change their single status, the popular social app weTouch holds a survey for Thai users and finds out that 67% of people in the app are willing to meet new friends if they are smart, intellectual, dare to show that they are interested and they choose an interesting topic to discuss. 58% of women say if they find a man like this then they will be interested to go on a date with him.

The popular social app weTouch found that about half of the women in their apps are waiting for men to start a conversation, interesting topics for women include traveling, food, hobbies, and any leisure topics to break the ice. Men might also want to ask about the lady's interest and try to relate to her. After initiating a conversation, when is the right time for the two parties to meet up? If men bring it up too fast and are too eager to meet, women will feel afraid and uncomfortable with them, but if men take too long and do not invite women to go on datesa woman will think that the man is not interested in her. Therefore, weTouch finds that the right time to meet is after 7 days of chatting. 7 days is a golden period to meet up because both sides are still interested to know more about each other, therefore, increasing the chance of dating by 6%. In addition, the most attractive dating place for women is the shopping mall, because in the mall there are plenty of restaurants and usually a cinema, after watching a movie in the cinema they can go to cafes or restaurants in the mall to know each other better.


Source: weTouch