Leadership & Change Conference 2019: Learnability in the Disruptive World


“How does a little shepherd defeat the giant?"

The question addresses one of the trendiest terms, and also most frequently misunderstood, in business from the year 2000s – "disruption".

Disruption is not a temporary phenomenon, but an inevitable trend of development. Netflix, Wikipedia, Airbnb, Uber, etc. are widely known as disruptors – disrupting the existing industries, creating new customers and markets never existed before, and now are growing at exponential rates that no traditional business could ever dreamed of.

As a leader…

  • Are you a disruptor, or being disrupted?
  • Are your teams challenging the status quo, or being disturbed by it?
  • Is your organization redefining the future, or still trying to catch up?

Welcome to Leadership & Change Conference 2019, organized by Human Dynamic!


In this full-day learning conference, we will discuss:

·       Disruptive environment: What Happens, How Different, Why Now?

·       How disruption impacts learning on individual, team and organizational level;

·       Becoming disruptor or being disrupted? A paradigm shift for leaders;

·       When teams learn most effectively? Team’s psychological safety in times of turbulence;

·       Disrupting your organization’s learning journey: From pipeline to platformed learning;

·       Future Forward: The way we learn tomorrow

5 reasons to register for the Leadership & Change Conference 2019!


1. Engage in high-level discussions on disruptive organizations: how they change the game by creating new markets and customers that had not existed before;

2. Participate in exclusive sharing sessions on how learning on organizational, team and individual level is being disrupted and the opportunity to become a disruptor;

3. Get inspired by an exclusive panel of experts and professionals in leadership, learning and organizational development;

4. Meet and network with the brightest minds who are successful business leaders and HR directors in the region;

5. Best Value for money to register as Early Birds and In Group.




Standard Ticket

2,800,000 VND

Early Birds (20% discount)(payment made by 9 August, 2019)

2,240,000 VND

Group of 4 (20% discount)

2,240,000 VND

Members of Co-host & Media Partners(20% discount)

2,240,000 VND

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Download the event brochure: http://www.humandynamic.com/vn/Learnability_Brochure_EN.pdf