TEDxĐaKao: Humankind

  • Address : IDECAF Theater, 28 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, HO CHI MINH city
  • Date : 2019-11-23 09:00 - 2019-11-23 12:30
  • Website : https://www.tedxdakao.com/

Hey TEDx-ers!

2019 almost comes to an end and ahead of us is the brand new decade! Before that, we are together entering into The Season of Festivals.

Amplifying on this spirit, we would like to share with you a new TEDx Experience that happening at IDECAF Theater, 28 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, HO CHI MINH city, which namely TEDxĐaKao: Human Kind.

To us, 'Human Kind' is a special way to represent human kindness, compassion, and human variability.

Additionally, It's our 1st Anniversary of TEDxĐaKao Community and promising an experience that familiar, heart-warming yet filled with delightful foods for thoughts.

Recalling one of the Vietnamese Pasts, our graphics are inspired by 'Hàng Trống' Painting that empowered by Hoạ Sắc Việt - an outstanding book about Vietnamese Design that conducted by one of our amazing speakers.

We wish to join our TEDx-ers and sharing appreciation to our roots, our inspirations, our sense of creativity and limitless.

You will discover the value towards building your life value, observe and discover a diverse range of Human Kindness and Compassion, The Future Identity Of Design, Technology & Community, as well as Humanity Performance and other networking opportunities through meaningful messages, gifts that hold Vietnamese values!

With both English and Vietnamese Talks, will be supported with interpretation.