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Communications and marketing strategies have taken on many themes since the first textbook with the word “marketing” in the title appeared in 1914, from relationship marketing to Internet marketing and from multicultural marketing to guerilla marketing. People write about the new rules of marketing and social media marketing. We hear about word of mouth marketing and permission marketing.

Although the principles communications and marketing were formally established decades ago, new strategies continue to make their way into the fabric of professional practice. PR Newswire pioneered the commercial news distribution industry 60 years ago and our thought leaders continue to help shape the industry today. Our Knowledge Centre resources offer insights into communications and marketing practices that drive results in today’s media landscape.



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Survey Report: Journalists' Working Status and News Gathering Habits in Asia Pacific

As the media landscape evolves rapidly, so do the working habits and needs of journalists. PR and corporate comm pros are required to keep abreast of the latest media developments and trends to better engage with the media and strengthen the symbiotic relationship.

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eBook: 10 Tips to Leverage the Power of Storytelling

No one likes to read a promotional ad, but everyone loves hearing an engaging story. Storytelling has taken a prominent role in today’s content strategy mix and brands should incorporate storytelling elements into their content to boosts audience engagement.

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eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Engaging Holiday and Event News Stories

PR and marketing experts can often run short of story ideas. When there are no special campaigns or product launches happening around your company, what can you do to keep your brand top of mind?

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