Working from Home is the Norm

2021-06-23 18:58

For years Gen Y & Millennials has been talking about Work, Life, Balance. Currently, many countries in Asia are forced to Work from home, and many businesses have made the adjustment to make that possible. Studies show that it takes anywhere from 18-254 days for a person to form a new habit, and an average of 66 days for a new behaviour to form and many life coaches would say that “When one commits to a personal or professional goal for 21 straight days, a new habit can be formed.”


It has been 494days since Singapore has the 1st reported case of Covid and 493days for Malaysia. During this period, we can choose to; resent patient zero for letting this happen; ‘look’ productive working from home; catchup the entertainment we longed; pray and hope things get back like before; pray to get government aids, get discount from landlords/bank loans; or we can choose to pick up a new skill and be in control of our lives.


Within this year, many have learned that with a click of a button we can attend Meetings, Virtual Seminars (Webinars) and attend Networking Events. Some even bought their grocery online. Most of these changed behaviours is going to stay even when Covid is gone.


Try asking yourself these questions and remain as neutral as possible. If you can produce the same work quality from home, why would you want to travel and work? If you are able to order groceries from the supermarket, the food is fresher than your handpicked food and the delivery charges is cheaper than your petrol, parking fees, road tax, the car maintains and best of all it saves your time.


In the foreseeable future, people will be paying for experiences when they visit the supermarket, restaurants and eateries. Covid brings inconvenience and worries to many but it also pushes boundaries, mankind is forced to develop technology to take over labour intensive work. If your work can be replaced by robots and programs you have to look to upgrade your skills and automate your business/work or look into personalised services (even that could be automated). Business processes and workflow are more important than before.


You need to ask yourself 2 important questions. First question, “What is the 1 thing you always wish to learn?”. It could be language, culinary skills, singing, dancing, gaming, anything. Last question, “How can you use the least time to generate income at the comfort of your home, and even better, how can you benefit from crisis and market instability.” With this, you will have time to do the things you want in a crises proof environment

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