Castheads Magazine commemorates its second anniversary by celebrating the “Culture of Collecting” across the scale/diecast model world.

2020-07-08 18:21

Creating Cast Heads and the Culture of Collecting; Celebrating the Second Anniversary of Castheads Magazine


It has been 2 years since two diehard Cast Heads dropped their first issue of CastHeads Magazine into the world. Since then Cast Heads has grown into a name synonymous with scale model car collecting in over 70 countries and read by thousands of car culture/car collector fans who look forward to this bi-monthly publication that combines history, humor, fashion, culture and some of the finest scale models cars offered up by various international brands.

Unlike most hobbies, scale model collecting especially, models associated with transport or travel shares a small part and space with the bigger ‘car culture’ group and also can share a direct association with other sub groups in the audience as well, like photographers, customizers, petrol heads etc. Which is why while the content is intellectually diverse, we make sure that there is something for everyone connected to the culture and not just the hobby.


“We strive to meld car culture and model collecting in our magazine, and in turn bring to life the stories behind the models. We also want to show lifestyle brands that the model collecting community is a vast and eclectic group that needs to be treated like adults, who have interests beyond little (or big) diecast cars” according to co-founder Lance K Müller


We also like think about our role in gender equality and are inclusive to both female collectors, content creators and photographers. We prefer if our efforts are balanced, gender neutral and enjoyed by everyone. We also pay tribute to the women that have broken the glass ceiling in the industry by excelling in areas of motorsport usually dominated by men. Our belief is the best way to celebrate these women and encourage more women into the sport and field is by telling the stories and keeping the history alive.


Finally as Co-Founders of CastHeads Magazine and the brand, Lance K Müller and Nigel J De Zilwa we would like to sincerely thank all the wonderful representatives, brand owners and brand custodians of the brands we work with for their kind words in our Second Anniversary Issue and for the support they have given over the last two years. That support has been instrumental in creating a successful partnership between product, collector, and Cast Heads. 


About Castheads Magazine


CastHeads (Private) Limited is a registered digital media company under which the registered trademark CastHeads Magazine and all associated media channels and products including merchandising fall under. CastHeads Magazine is an international magazine dedicated to the subject of model collecting in all scales and is downloaded in 72 countries. CastHeads Magazine is honored to be working Majorette, Schuco Modelle and Jada Toys (part of the Simba Dickie Group), Maisto and Bburago (part of the May Cheong Group) and showcasing other diverse brands across the world such as Tarmac Works, Solido, OttoMobile Models, GT Spirit, and PUMA.




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