Sponsored Placement

Sponsored Placement allows you to expand the reach of your press release using a native advertising format on premium publisher websites. We take your press release and create a native advertisement that links to your content on a publisher’s website in a native article format.

PR Newswire optimizes your content for relevant online audiences in your targeted industry. We offer multiple packages to place your content on websites popular with your target audiences. By placing your content in high profile publications, your news will receive the type of cachet that can elevate your brand.

Benefits of Sponsored Placement

  • Integrate Multichannel Distribution
  • Share a cohesive, unified message across multiple channels to increase brand trust with audiences

  • Reach a Broader Audience
  • Reach a broader range of customers in untapped markets to increase visibility of your brand's message

  • Connect with Readers in an Authentic Format
  • The authentic format fits seamlessly into a publisher’s feed where audiences are already browsing their favorite websites

  • Get More ROI out of Your Content
  • Creating content takes time and resources, get more out of your content by amplifying it through new channels

Client Stories

By working with PR Newswire, we explored new and interesting news angles for the outcomes of our corporate social responsibility program and presented them in a more attractive Multimedia News Release format. This is an effective tool to help readers experience the event, especially through multimedia assets that are easy to access. Download >

—— Golden Agri-Resources

PR Newswire's services complemented our efforts to reach out to the relevant media with its wide range of on-boarded media outlets. Without this service, some media outlets might not have been accessible to us. Download >

—— Manulife Singapore

Over the years, Air China leverages PR Newswire’s global media network to successfully distribute press releases in local languages to more than 20 countries and regions to better demonstrate its brand value to the public. The sincere efforts by the PR Newswire team play a key and positive role in enhancing Air China’s brand recognition globally, and we look forward to broader and deeper cooperation in the future. Download >

—— Air China

We are delighted to have PR Newswire as a distribution partner to amplify our reach globally with our first international communication campaign. PR Newswire’s Multimedia News Release helps us to deliver our messages in a more interactive and effective way. Download >

—— Incheon Global Campus

It was the first time the head office in South Korea sent out a multimedia release. It was a good try as we could engage our target audiences with visuals including videos, as well as localise the release in multiple languages to boost engagement and media pickups. We would like to thank PR Newswire Korea for making our first multimedia release a success. Download >

—— LG Group

We wanted to use a different communication approach and decided to work with PR Newswire even though we were unsure what to expect at the beginning. Fortunately, PR Newswire was able to work seamlessly with us and facilitate our requests by providing professional inputs and suggestions. It is very satisfying to see our news release can be shared globally in just a click away. Download >

—— Jakarta Land

By leveraging PR Newswire’s extensive and credible media network, our story was published verbatim in hundreds of media outlets across Asia. PR Newswire was able to bring our company great benefits on a global scale! Download >

—— ANX International