"17Sing App" Has Unveiled Brand Mascot and Shown Ambition of Discovering More Forms of Online Social Interaction

2022-04-18 20:00 1530

TAIPEI, April 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- 17Sing App, a distinguished Karaoke App that aims at bringing music together with social networking services in multiple ways, unveiled its brand mascot on April 17th, 2022. Users can adopt the mascot which is named "Karasoul" by collecting virtual props in the application and redeeming rewards. Karasoul is characterized as a lovely, curious, and warmhearted singer who is always pleased to give a hand to people in need. Karasoul gets popular among 17Sing App users very soon owing to its adorable appearance and good nature.

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By releasing the brand mascot, 17Sing App can not only provides users with an amazing social experience, but also reclaims its business mission: "To offer users entertaining Karaoke & Social services, and bring talented young people to the fore." The image of Karasoul is an accurate reflection of the young generation, as many of them are fond of music as well as challenges in their lives. Additionally, they are always willing to show their love and talent for music. Luckily, the platform created by 17Sing App is exactly what those young people need to exhibit their gift for singing. Many types of singing modes are available in this all-in-one Karaoke App, people can choose the best way to express their individuality.

A series of new features that are related to Karasoul will be launched one after another, such as pet-raising simulation. Since users can keep the Karasoul as a cyberpet in 17Sing App, in the future, they would purchase items in the Pet Store, dress up the Karasoul, or compete with their friends' pets. All those activities will help users get closer to their friends while also making the relationship between them and their pets more intimate. Find the entrance of the "Kara Planet" in the 17Sing App and take part in the activity, a great number of rewards are in store.

17Sing App is also planning to publish dynamic emoticons of Karasoul, and those memes can help people express their feelings intuitively and vividly. The Karasoul memes would be a wonderful choice whether users want to greet someone they just met or make the conversation with an old friend more relaxed.

To meet the unsatisfied social needs of Generation Z, a highly interactive music community is created in 17Sing App. This Karaoke App supports many various features, such as founding a clan, broadcasting a Karaoke live stream, and other functionalities that enable people to interact with each other closely. Thus, young people of this new age can make friends through singing songs and sharing music. Along with the introduction of the brand mascot, more and more new features will be uncovered. That is worth looking forward to.

About 17Sing App:

17Sing App, as a professional Karaoke App for the young generation, pays a lot of attention to its accompaniment library and collects hit songs all around the world. And the abundance of its music library makes it possible to meet the needs of users who love different types of songs. Besides, 17Sing App takes advantage of the algorithms for big data, and that technology enables it to recommend songs that best suit users' preferences.

In addition to that, the outstanding social function of the 17Sing App is another feature that attracts young people of Generation Z. They can make new friends by joining a clan, watching live streams, as well as taking part in some matches. 17Sing App also supports leaving comments, sending gifts, sending private messages, liking, following, and so on.

"17Sing App, the KTV on your phone!" This application gives users the chance to sing Karaoke whenever they want, even if they only have a mobile phone and headphones. If you want to sing songs with your friends or become popular for your singing skills, go to the Facebook Fan Page of 17Sing App to get more information. 

Download the application on the official website of the 17Sing App and it's free to sing with the accompaniments and enjoy the Karaoke performances in 17Sing App. >>

Source: 17Sing App