'Beijing Opera' displays an amazing collaboration between Indonesian and Chinese Culture

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As part of an appreciation of the world's best culture, Meikarta hosted a Beijing Opera show by Chu Lanlan, a very talented and famous artist from China, at Avenue of The Star, Lippo Mall Kemang, South Jakarta.

Chu Lanlan performance for Beijing Opera collaborated with Indonesian dancers.
Chu Lanlan performance for Beijing Opera collaborated with Indonesian dancers.

Chun Lanlan's Beijing Opera performance was special because it was equipped with magnificent stage sets and colourful, stunning lights. Her performance was also added with melodious tunes and beautiful opera dances.

This show has become the historical point for the bridge of cultural unity between Indonesia and China as it has combined the authentic Chinese legend with Indonesian cultural legend. In this show, Chu Lanlan successfully combined "A Beauty With an Umbrella" with the traditional Batak song "Sing Sing So".

Chu Lanlan's Beijing Opera Show has an international reputation. Chu Lanlan is the Professor of Beijing Opera Art Vocational Collage and the Head of the Lanxin Theater of New Beijing Opera. Her work has received a number of awards at home and abroad, and has the honor of appearing in various political events.

An international-standard performance like Beijing Opera marks the friendship and mutual respect between Indonesia and China and it shows the desire of the two countries to continue to cooperate in the future. China presents its sincerity to develop the One Belt One Road initiative in Indonesia and mobilized the industrial development in Bekapur (Bekasi, Karawang, Purwakarta) area. In order to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries, Meikarta is commited to continuously work together especially for the cultural aspect between the two countries.

Meikarta General Manager of Brand Strategy, Guan Zhijian said: "We hope that through the Beijing Opera show by Chu Lanlan, we will establish a beautiful and sustainable relationship between Indonesia and China. This show is also a representation of Meikarta's sincerity and commitment to build (a better) Indonesia".

Beijing Opera Artist, Chu Lanlan said: "We specifically prepared a special performance of a song from Indonesia called 'Sing-Sing So' which is collaborated with the Beijing Opera show team and it produced such a beautiful work between Indonesian and Chinese culture. Moreover, we are also bringing some of the Beijing Opera local performances and collaborations with Indonesian local culture performances".

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