"Joy of Life" on South Korean Best-seller Lists

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2020-11-23 17:35 820

SHANGHAI, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, Volume 1 of the first part of the Korean-version Joy of Life, a famous Chinese network novel, was officially published in South Korea. The original work by the famous Chinese writer Mao Ni was serialized on under China Literature Limited. The novel gained considerable fame worldwide as it was adapted into a popular TV series last year. With high popularity already in the presale period, it successfully edged into all best-seller lists immediately after it was published. 

Volume 1 of the first part of the Korean-version Joy of Life
Volume 1 of the first part of the Korean-version Joy of Life

Chinese network novels are becoming an increasingly popular literary genre around the world. Film, TV drama and animation works adapted from Chinese network novels also become smash hit frequently in South Korea and the whole world. Joy of Life is one of the typical cases. At the end of 2019, Joy of Life was not only a binge-watched TV series in China, but also attracted a large number of global audiences on various new media platforms and TV stations.

With the hot broadcast of the TV series, the novel has been drawing the attention of global audiences, and viewers of the TV series also tried to read the original novel in order to know the subsequent storyline. The Korean version of Joy of Life was published by Wanyi Press, a well-known publisher in South Korea. The slogan "Romance of the Three Kingdoms meets The Matrix, and Journey to the West meets The Lord of the Rings" indicates that this book integrates multiple subjects, such as history, fantasy and science fiction. A friend of the author Mao Ni, Li Jirong, translator of the novel, has a deep insight into the novel, so his translation is genuine and pertinent. As soon as it was published, the new book entered the Best-Seller List of NAVER, the largest search engine and portal website in South Korea, and the Hotly Discussed New Book List of YES24, the largest online book store in South Korea. Many readers appraise it with all-star ratings, and anticipate early publishing of the subsequent volumes.

Not long ago, the news about the kick-off of Season 2 of Joy of Life TV series caused a sensation again around the world. As the novel is published in more countries and the TV series moves on, it is believed that the passion for Joy of Life will spread wider across the world. 

Source: China Literature Limited