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Buy a tax-free property in Dubai with less than $48 a day

No down payment, no service charges, no additional conditions or fees

DUBAI, UAE  , Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- "MAG Development," the real estate development arm of the MAG Holding Group, has announced the launch of its innovative "MAG YES PLAN," offering an unprecedented package of facilities and affordable payment plans that allow customers to own their customized homes, that suit their purchase power and monthly income in Dubai.

Unique opportunity to purchase a fully furnished tax- free  apartment in Dubai for less than $48 per day, MAG City by MAG development 8 minutes away from the tallest tower in the world
Unique opportunity to purchase a fully furnished tax- free apartment in Dubai for less than $48 per day, MAG City by MAG development 8 minutes away from the tallest tower in the world

Through this package, investors from all over the world can buy a fully furnished property for less than $48 per day Which is lower than the average cost of a hotel room in Dubai.

The program, which is the first all-inclusive payment package of all possible fees in addition to exclusive benefits offered to MAG YES PLAN clients, includes flexible plans to become a homeowner. the plan allows clients to buy the property in Dubai without a down payment and without a final payment on the delivery of the property, with full exemption from registration fees and tax.

Through this program, which allows investors to buy an apartment in just 15 minutes, "MAG Development" provides direct debit payments from the customer's bank account to facilitate the process of paying. MAG YES PLAN  also provides other options for the customer to pay fixed, daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly payments without the need of any bank facilities.

The new payment packages were designed depending on an in-depth and specialized study by "MAG Development" of the real estate market in the UAE. Dubai has been always an attractive market due to its tax-free policy for residential properties and high return of investment this program provides direct support to anyone who is looking to buy a property and start their international property portfolio overseas without the need of up-front investment.

The new program allows investors from all over the world to purchase a property in Dubai offering the opportunity for them to enjoy tax free return of investment and own a holiday home in one of the most attractive tourism destinations and investment hubs

The program covers MAG City project exclusively. It is a fully Gated residential complex comprising of two, three- and four-bedroom luxury homes, as well as, one-bedroom apartments and fully furnished studios, in Mohammed Bin Rashid City, Al Meydan District 7 which is 8 minutes away from the iconic Burj Khalifa the tallest tower in the world.

This innovative plan is first of its kind worldwide offering all-inclusive monthly payments including all possible fees where client will not pay any other amounts during the package duration. The package includes unusual  benefits such as Etihad Guest miles, MAG loyalty program, career protection program, Life insurance and many other benefits depending on the selected plan

"MAG YES PLAN is carefully designed to give the investors the opportunity to pay for their housing unit in equal installments. It is not subject to change throughout the payment period which spans from 5 years to 24 years," said Talal Moafaq Al Gaddah, Senior Executive Vice Chairman of MAG Development.

"This program confirms our great interest in meeting the market requirements and enable international investors with fixed monthly income to become a landlord and start their property portfolio without the need of large payments and without hidden fees," he added.

"The new easy payment plans are designed to provide a greater level of flexibility for our customers and reflect our firm commitment to enhancing the home-seeking buyers' experience within MAG's development projects that cater to different segments of the community," Al Gaddah said.

He pointed out that most property buyers have difficulty in paying the initial down payment, so MAG Development's innovative program exempts them from the down payment. in addition, the client will have the option to pay fixed regular installments which will allow anyone with a fixed income to be able to become a home owner.  MAG YES PLAN packages are designed to be inclusive of all possible fees with additional exclusive benefits such as "MAG Loyalty" program membership, which gives the buyer discounts in 480 restaurants, shops, cafes and hotels in Dubai. The benefits include life insurance and insurance in case of job loss.

"MAG Development" continues to innovate marketing ideas for customers that provide support to both individuals and families in planning for long term financial stability and an investment in a property which they can also use as a holiday home when visiting Dubai.

MAG development provides effective solutions to the real estate market in Dubai that keep pace with market changes and make best use of the facilities provided by the Government of Dubai, as well as the impact of Expo 2020 on the local real estate market.

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