"TOKYO SKYTREE DISCOVER Your Excitement," Special Page within TOKYO SKYTREE's Official Website, Opened to Convey Attractiveness of SKYTREE TOWN, Asakusa to World

TOKYO, Feb. 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- A special page, "TOKYO SKYTREE DISCOVER Your Excitement," has been opened in five languages -- Japanese, English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and Korean -- within the official website of TOKYO SKYTREE, the world's tallest self-supporting tower, to convey the attractiveness of a downtown area extending from TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN to Asakusa to the world.

Special page "TOKYO SKYTREE DISCOVER Your Excitement": (English) (Korean) (Simplified Chinese) (Traditional Chinese)

Asakusa is close to TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN, taking only about 15 minutes to walk between these districts, and visitors can enjoy strolling in these districts while feeling the culture of "shitamachi," or Tokyo's traditional shopping, entertainment and residential area that still retains an old, conventional atmosphere.

A video uploaded to the special website shows how to enjoy visits to these districts at different times of the day and by different age groups.

On sale at TOKYO SKYTREE is "TOKYO SKYTREE Enjoy Pack," a special ticket that allows visitors to see a panoramic view of Tokyo from its observation decks as well as to rent "kimono," or traditional Japanese folk costume, and make Japanese-style sweets to experience traditional Japanese culture.

How to use "TOKYO SKYTREE Enjoy Pack": 

TOBU TOWER SKYTREE Co., Ltd., operator of TOKYO SKYTREE, hopes that visitors to Japan will enjoy strolling in TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN and the Asakusa district.


The 634-meter-high TOKYO SKYTREE is the world's tallest free-standing broadcasting tower. It has two observation decks that command a panoramic view of Tokyo -- 350-meter-high Tembo Deck and 450-meter-high Tembo Galleria.

At two SKYTREE CAFEs situated at the observation decks, visitors can enjoy snacks and its original sweets as well as liquors such as beer and cocktail. A wide variety of sweets and miscellaneous goods, including popular Japanese souvenirs and goods that cannot be purchased elsewhere, are on sale at SKYTREE SHOP.

At night, TOKYO SKYTREE is lit up with different colors -- "Iki" characterized by pale blue, "Miyabi" that takes Edo purple as its theme, and "Nobori" featuring an auspicious tangerine hue.

Special lightings can be seen on the occasions of seasonal and other events.

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