17sing teamed up with EBC to launch "Let's Listen to the Band", a search for the next Taiwanese band!

2024-05-28 09:00 1126

TAIPEI, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In the summer of 2024, 17sing and EBC jointly created an exciting band talent show - "Let's Listen to the Band". The purpose is to promote Taiwan's Band pop music and let local created music get more opportunities to be recognized and developed. This show began online registration on March 1 and has received widespread attention. In just one month, a total of nearly 300 bands have been registered. This number fully reflects the enthusiasm of musicians. With such high popularity, it can be called one of the most important music variety shows in 2024.

This show invites four well-known musicians, Harlem Yu, Waa Wei, Luantan Ascent and Howe Chen, as the "Boss of band". They will guide the contestants to complete performances. Currently, 32 bands have passed the auditions, they will start recording, and will be officially broadcasted on July. This show has arranged very exciting and compact sections. They will use music to compete to see who is the strongest band, and the winner will win millions in cash and luxury car!

As one of the biggest partners, 17sing is the only officially voting platform. Various items (Best Band, Best Song, Best Vocalist, etc.), resurrection voting, and battle popularity voting will only be voted within the 17sing APP. If you have a favorite singer or band, every vote you make may determine their fate. Move your fingers now, download the 17sing APP, and get ready to vote for the band you support!

As a 9-year-old platform that nurtures new generation musicians, many musicians choose to share their music on 17sing. Let's hope these bands will bring us more unparalleled music in the future! In addition, these bands will give us exclusive information about "Let's Listen to the Band" on 17sing Live! Follow 17sing's Facebook and 17sing app to keep up with the news!

As a super APP that has been active in the Mandarin-speaking region for 9 years, 17sing has a significant position in the music industry. Adhering to the concept of "play with the music social app and create dreams for new generation", 17sing has constantly innovated and introduced many functions, such as the Song Rush Mode that competes with song libraries and speed, the Kick-off Match that allows you participate in competitive in the rankings, and Singing to the End that combines various singing games, etc. This way of self-evolution and innovation is the reason why 17sing has been the top status. 17sing is not only a stage to show your talent, but also a harbor for musicians to sail their dreams. In the world of 17sing, no matter who you are, as long as you carry the love of music and dreams, as long as you persistently sing in 17sing, and communicate with friends in 17sing, time will testify to your hard work and sweat, and 17sing will be your solid support. Let us believe that every musician with fighting spirit and relentless pursuit of music will eventually break the cocoon into a butterfly and stand on a more brilliant stage under the support of 17sing, so that the music dreams will come true!

Source: 17Sing APP